mouse random freeze, pointer losing focus driving me nuts

Discussion in 'Asus' started by rodrigo, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. rodrigo

    rodrigo Guest

    I have an AMD 2200+ 1.8ghz asus A7V8X-X 512MB running under windows XP
    My box is randomly freezing for 1 to 2 seconds. For example, let's say
    I am going to browse to, I go to then I click on
    one link. Later after I click back, I feel like I don't have control
    over the mouse temporarily. The same happens if I am using word, and
    let's say I start to select a piece of text. Suddenly, I feel like the
    mouse is freezing. It is really weird.

    I have a Dell Pentium box at work and I have never experienced such a
    thing. The machine can have some slow down, become sluggish, but will
    never behave in such a way. I am suspicious that this is a CPU problem
    and not a motherboard, since I had a Soyo Dragon and I used
    experienced the same problem with another AMD 1.7ghz. I am almost
    throwing away this box and buying a Pentium. I also know it is not a
    mouse problem, because I tested with different ones. I am really
    looking to someone who experienced something like and manage to
    discover what it is.


    rodrigo, Jul 30, 2004
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  2. rodrigo

    P2B Guest

    I have seen that behavior before, on a PIII box running NT 4.0. It was
    always accompanied by 'ring buffer overflow' errors in the system event log.

    I never did find the cause of the problem - it would go away temporarily
    after rebooting, but always returned, sometimes within minutes, but
    usually not for a day or two. I upgraded and/or downgraded every driver
    I could find to no effect. The permanent fix turned out to be SP6a when
    it was released.

    So in my case the problem was software, not hardware - given the event
    logs I suspect a driver disabling interrupts for extended periods thus
    blocking mouse interrupt processing.

    Not very helpful, I know - but I would assume it's a software problem
    and attack it from that angle.

    If you'd like to post details of all your system peripherals, I'll let
    you know if you have any in common with that NT 4 box - which might help
    narrow down the offending driver.

    P2B, Jul 30, 2004
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  3. rodrigo

    Art Simpson Guest

    Do you use an OPTICAL mouse ?

    This can happen if your 'surface' is not appropriate for it. Use mechanical mouse
    to test further. Otherwise it could help to mention the 'mouses' you tried.

    I did experience something like this; Logitech mouse over an dark surface, not optical pad.
    I had to 'upgrade the desk surface' in order to have the mouse not lose focus like that.

    You should know, optical mouses do have this kind of behavior when they lose track
    of the 'ground'.. Make sure you test with a mechanical one.
    Art Simpson, Jul 30, 2004
  4. rodrigo

    Tim Guest

    Things like that happen when there are HDD errors.
    Do a scandisk.
    Check the event log for disk io errors / any errors.

    Check for scumware & virus.

    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 30, 2004
  5. rodrigo

    hemyd Guest

    Try a variety of different mice - if yours is USB, try a PS2 one, if yours
    is optical, try a mechanical one. Optical are fussy about which surfaces
    they're on. Often reflective surfaces are not that good. Also I've had a
    suspicion that they are susceptible to RF interference from such things as
    mobile phones and other electronic equipment.

    hemyd, Jul 30, 2004
  6. rodrigo

    rodrigo Guest

    I am using a Loggitech Optical MX500. But I did test it with a
    mechanic Dell mouse I use at work. In addition I tested with another
    loggitech mouse ball. Why would it be software problem (XP PRo)? I did
    install SP2 and still had the same problem. In fact it just got worse.
    The mouse would change state from a hourglass to a cross and stay like
    that. I had to go to control panel and reconfigure every five minutes.
    I was tired and I had to go back to SP1.

    1. Could it be a port listening problem? Where to start looking?
    2. Could it be hardware conflict? Where to start?
    3. Does AMD XP behave like that? I know it is a fast cpu, but since it
    handles processing differently compared to Pentium, I tend to think
    like that.

    Please help me with some plan to troubleshoot the machine.
    I will post more info about my configuration later, I am just late to
    work now.

    Thank you very much for your help

    rodrigo, Jul 30, 2004
  7. rodrigo

    rodrigo Guest

    Thanks Tim, I will look at your suggestion and give you a feedback
    later. But this is a fresh XP install, so I did not have time yet to
    get some viruses. Anyway, I am protected with using Sygate Firewall
    and Fprot.

    rodrigo, Jul 30, 2004
  8. rodrigo

    rodrigo Guest

    Tim, I changed the hard disk and the problem still persists. The two
    previous mouses I tested were PS2. Regarding the RF issue, I already
    tested with mechanical mouses, so I guess, I will discard these
    options. I've read something about overheating or overclocking. Could
    that be the problem? I am telling you this is the worse thing that
    could ever happen. I really get to your nerves. I am here to take any
    more suggestions.

    rodrigo, Jul 30, 2004
  9. rodrigo

    rodrigo Guest

    It seems I figured the problem. I switched my 350w power supply to a
    400watts one. The problem seems to have disappeared. Now I don't have
    any clue, how that could have any relation with making my machine
    sluggish freezing my mouse for a few seconds. I assume that whenever
    there was too much cpu usage, the motherboard would not send enough
    energy to CPU and therefore freeze the machine? I appreciate some
    electronic engineers to give some help explaining that.

    rodrigo, Aug 1, 2004
  10. rodrigo

    Kevin Miller Guest

    Are you using a wireless mouse/keyboard combo? If so, if the option is
    available, try setting the operating frequencies for each of them
    again. I had a similar problem with my Logitech MX Duo setup, and the
    problem went away when I did what I just suggested. Good luck!

    Kevin Miller

    "Either way, it is bad for Zathras."
    Kevin Miller, Aug 1, 2004
  11. rodrigo

    rodrigo Guest

    Nop, I am using a optical Loggitech MX500.


    rodrigo, Aug 2, 2004
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