Moviemaker in ME: Do I need to reload, if so, HOW???

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by John Perkowski, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. I have a Performance PIII 1GHz with ME on it. [No, I can't afford to
    buy a new box right now. ;) :( )]

    So... I have MovieMaker 1.

    Problem: I can't save out the integrated video and audio clips into a
    final product. When I try to File:Save Movie or do a <Ctrl>-M, it
    doesn't go into any dialogue box, the screen blinks and nothing

    My son uses Lego Steven Spielberg Movie Creator (I think it's a skin
    over MovieMaker. When I try to save out from that, I again get no
    movie. What I do get in my Norton trash can is a file with all the
    clips integrated together in one file, and all the sound integrated
    together in another file.

    So... I think I need to reload moviemaker. If there's another
    solution, please holler (here in the NG).

    BUT: It's a Supercow, and like almost every other supercow owner
    here, I have their version of a Windows ME disk. I don't have a clue
    where on the disk to find MovieMaker, and when I do Start: Settings:
    Control Panel: Add/remove programs: TAB Windows Setup, it doesn't
    show moviemaker in the listings.

    I will be concurrently asking this (not cross-posting) on (or pretty close to that; I posted there

    Please reply here; I'll be looking.

    TIA, John Perkowski
    John Perkowski, Apr 18, 2004
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