Moving files by moving small icon.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by dorayme, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    A tip I heard a while ago: you can move an open file by dragging the
    little icon in the title bar (the grey strip at the top where the
    yellow, red and green buttons reside) wherever you want. This combined
    with spring-loading (the way disks and folders open to reveal inner
    files and folders on mouse hover), makes it easy. Beats having to find
    the path in other ways and going to original location and moving it.
    dorayme, Apr 9, 2014
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  2. dorayme

    J Burns Guest

    It works for me, too! Thanks.
    J Burns, Apr 9, 2014
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  3. dorayme

    Alan Browne Guest

    Good tip.

    Note that in Preview it creates a shortcut, it doesn't move or copy the
    actual file.

    Likewise, Adobe pdf viewer, it's a shortcut that is created.

    Probably others...
    Alan Browne, Apr 10, 2014
  4. dorayme

    Alan Browne Guest

    I've been using Macs (regularly) since early 2008. So a good thing to
    know (maybe) for me.
    Alan Browne, Apr 10, 2014
  5. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    In fact, I heard it just after a battle in The American Civil War when
    I was hoping to find you and the rest of The Balderstone Gang in the
    Yankee ranks.
    dorayme, Apr 10, 2014
  6. dorayme

    JF Mezei Guest

    Different trick but in same vein:

    Edit image in Photoshop (launched from Bridge).
    Rename file in Bridge.

    Save file in Photoshop (which still thinks of the old name). The saved
    file goes to the new filename. (likely due to inode cached in the app
    and the open to write goes to the numbered file instead of by filename)
    JF Mezei, Apr 10, 2014
  7. dorayme

    Your Name Guest

    That's been around for a while, but it may not work in every
    application. You can also Command-click / right-click on the filename
    in the window's title bar to get the path.

    There are many, many "hidden" little features like that. :)
    Your Name, Apr 10, 2014
  8. dorayme

    billy Guest

    Yea. Someone should tell Apple the job's not finished
    until the documentation is done.

    In the meantime, just clicking on stuff can be illuminating.

    Billy Y..
    billy, Apr 10, 2014
  9. dorayme

    Your Name Guest

    Even back in the days when you actually got documentation in the box,
    there were still plenty of "hidden" features. :)

    The computer magazines like MacFormat and MacWorld sometimes do
    articles on the "Hidden Features". The Christmas 2013 issue of
    MacFormat had one titled "75 awesome hidden Mavericks features" ...
    although most of them weren't "awesome".
    Your Name, Apr 10, 2014
  10. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    Why? Can't you *get* that it is interesting to have undocumented
    features and that not everyone needs to know everything easily.
    dorayme, Apr 10, 2014
  11. dorayme

    Warren Oates Guest

    Ha! I heard about it during the Revolutionary War when the Swamp Fox and
    I were setting up a database for the Continental Congress. He (Col.
    Marion) told me that it had come down to his family from an ancestor who
    had helped erect Stonehenge.
    Warren Oates, Apr 10, 2014
  12. dorayme

    J Burns Guest

    It's peculiar. I used it to make an Desktop alias of a WP document.
    Get Info said the alias was a file 100 times bigger than the document.
    Get Info also said I could change the original. I changed it to an app.
    The icon still said it was for the WP document. Get Info said the
    alias was now a smaller file, a fraction of the size of the app which
    Get Info now said was the original.
    J Burns, Apr 10, 2014
  13. dorayme

    Paul Sture Guest

    A variation on that which has become part of my workflow is to right click
    on that icon and pick the parent directory from the drop down (which shows
    the full directory hierarchy above the file, one line per directory).

    This opens Finder with the file in question highlighted. If you hit Return
    and rename the file at this point, the application title automagically
    changes to the new name and you can carry on working with that.

    Instead of renaming you can of course do anything you normally do in Finder
    such as dragging it to another directory.

    When you want to save the file, properly behaved apps will use the new
    name automatically. Some apps however get a bit confused, so you need
    to take care. Amadeus Pro for example sometimes thinks another user has
    modified the file while you were editing it, but you can simply say
    "Yes I do want to save the file with this name" and it does so.
    Paul Sture, Apr 10, 2014
  14. dorayme

    Alan Browne Guest

    One of my peeves with OS X is hidden things. Not trivial stuff, but
    things they go out of their way to hide. Example: hidden "DEVICEs" in
    Finder unless you happen to pass the mouse cursor over the "Show" button
    (which is hidden until then...).

    Bad interface design - it should lead users to things not to usenet to
    ask noob questions.
    Alan Browne, Apr 10, 2014
  15. dorayme

    J Burns Guest

    I haven't yet renamed an open file, but when I open a file with Arthur
    or Spotlight, I may use that right click to see where it is in the
    directory hierarchy and maybe open a Finder window, as you say.
    J Burns, Apr 10, 2014
  16. dorayme

    Alan Browne Guest

    You've said some obtuse things in the past, but that one is damned near
    Alan Browne, Apr 10, 2014
  17. dorayme

    Alan Browne Guest

    Alan Browne, Apr 10, 2014
  18. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    If you hold down the Control key it might make a copy instead of an
    alias in these programs.

    You have to be careful with unofficial tricks. The most useful one I
    heard was a long time ago when I heard that you could copy and paste
    text from clippings (you could not officially do that once and when
    you did, there was no highlighting clues to what you were doing.)
    dorayme, Apr 10, 2014
  19. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    No! The Option key.
    dorayme, Apr 10, 2014
  20. dorayme

    Guest Guest

    command-option while dragging makes an alias.
    Guest, Apr 10, 2014
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