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MS Streets & Trips 2007 / MS AutoRoute 2007 on a TabletPC

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Marvin Hlavac, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Is anyone using MS Streets & Trips 2007 and/or MS AutoRoute 2007 for GPS
    navigation on either a TabletPC or a UMPC?

    I'm attempting to make the experience a bit more touch-screen friendly by
    modifying my S&T Keys and AR Keys (add on software which was originally
    designed just to help keyboard users).

    Here are some screenshots:

    A screenshot showing the new large finger-friendly buttons: Zoom-in,
    Zoom-out, and Menu:

    The same as above, but in full-screen navigation mode:

    The new menu panel (accessible by the new touch-screen friendly "Menu"

    It's still in "Beta" stage, but feel free to download it and give it a try.
    Scroll down to the download area, and make sure you download the "Beta"
    version (not the "Final release" version):


    Feedback would be appreciated as I was mostly unable to properly test it in
    conjunction with a touch-screen. I only have a 600 MHz TabletPC, and the CPU
    is inadequate to run it satisfactorily, so most of the testing was done on a
    faster machine with a mouse :-(
    Marvin Hlavac, Apr 9, 2007
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  2. Marvin Hlavac

    Jason Tsang Guest

    Jason Tsang, Apr 9, 2007
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  3. Jason, a new Beta is out. If all is well there will be a new non-Beta
    (v.2.26) before the end of this week.
    Marvin Hlavac, Apr 10, 2007
  4. Marvin Hlavac

    terri Guest

    It sounds terrific! I'm buried in work but I'd love to try it.

    Let me know when it's publicly available as a final and I'll post it to our
    Terri Stratton
    Microsoft Featured Community
    Forums - http://forums.mobilepcworld.net
    Microsoft Windows MVP- Tablet PC
    terri, Apr 11, 2007

  5. Thanks Terri. It may still take a few more days. A "Home" feature was
    implemented, and a couple of Beta testers mentioned they wish to be able to
    save more than one "home" location. So I'm now busy trying to implement a
    "Favorite Destinations" feature as well. I'd like to add this feature to the
    program before the next "final" version.
    Marvin Hlavac, Apr 13, 2007
  6. Marvin Hlavac, Apr 24, 2007
  7. Marvin Hlavac, Apr 29, 2007
  8. Marvin Hlavac

    BigK Guest

    does this work with mappoint?
    What does it do?
    BigK, Jul 21, 2007

  9. It doesn't work with MapPoint. It only works with MS Streets & Trips 2007
    and also MS AutoRoute 2007. It automates freequently performed tasks for the
    users of GPS. Here's a link to the list of currently supported features:
    Marvin Hlavac, Jul 22, 2007
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