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Msc in Embedded systems Program

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by paulhooper, May 22, 2011.

  1. paulhooper

    paulhooper Guest


    I was wondering if you could give me your advice regarding the below MSc i
    Embedded systes programs, which one do you think would prepare me in
    better way?


    CE804-7-AU Digital Signal Processing (15)
    CE860-7-AU Advanced Embedded Systems Design (15)
    CE865-7-AU Programming Embedded Systems (15)
    CE902-7-FY Professional Practice and Research Methodology (15)
    CE903-7-SP* Group Project (15)
    CE901-7-SU* Individual Project and Dissertation (60)

    together with three of the following optional modules:

    CE803-7-SP Human-Machine Interaction (15)
    CE806-7-AU Distributed Computing (15)
    CE864-7-SP Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence (15)
    CE869-7-SP Embedded Systems Co-Design (15)
    CE873-7-SP Biologically Inspired Robotics (15)
    CE883-7-SP Neural and Evolutionary Computation(15)
    CE884-7-SP Constraint Satisfaction for Decision Making (15)


    Advanced Network Technologies (825H1)
    Cybernetics and Neural Networks (H1007)
    Mobile & Satellite Communication Technologies (826H1)
    RF Electronic Design (828H1)
    Digital Signal Processing (Advanced) (805H1)
    Real Time Embedded Systems (829H1)
    Advanced Digital Communication (832H1)
    Advanced Space Systems (835H1)
    Fibre Optic Communications (831H1)
    Robotic Sensory Systems (521H3)
    Strategic Management (519H3)
    Advanced Microprocessor Systems (833H2)
    High Level IC Design (822H1)
    Project (MSc Modern Digital Communication Systems, Modern
    Communication Technologies with Business Management, Embedded Digita
    Systems. (834H1)


    Advanced Control Systems
    Advanced Instrumentation Systems
    Communication Networks
    Computer and Reconfigurable Architectures
    DSP and Digital TV
    Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems
    Research Methods and Project Design
    MSc Project


    Mechatronics and Automation
    Control Systems
    Digital Signal Processing
    Digital Signal Processors
    Research Methods
    Project/Dissertation (MSc only)

    Option modules

    Advanced Automotive Electronics
    Component-Based Software Engineering
    Developing Object-Orientated Solutions
    Digital Imaging
    Embedded Media Streaming (subject to validation)
    Imaging Devices
    Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks
    Programming in Java
    Multimedia Communications
    Scientific Programming



    Embedded Systems
    Digital Design
    Research Methods Critical Analysis and Project Planning
    Embedded Systems Design Project
    Project Phase 1
    Embedded Software
    MSc Project


    Software Engineering 1
    Digital Signal Processing
    Software Engineering 2
    Image Processing
    Advanced Digital Electronics

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    paulhooper, May 22, 2011
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  2. paulhooper

    D Yuniskis Guest

    Hi Paul,


    Course names tell one very little about the actual content.
    Or, the strength of the instructor(s), institutions, etc.

    And, bottom line ("at the end of the day"), you need to
    decide what *type* of embedded systems programming you are
    interested in (or, barring that, "most likely to seek employment

    E.g., working in regulated industries places different burdens
    on you than un/non-regulated industries. Working in consumer
    goods is very different than industrial -- even moreso than
    "research". Real-time and un-real (grin) -time have very
    different criteria. Resource starved vs. resource rich
    application domains inspire different type of solutions.
    Signal processing vs. data processing, etc ad nauseum.

    While I understand your goal to have the most versatile
    background possible, I think a more productive approach is
    to think about where you are likely to end up and then
    figure out what would most effectively get you *to* that
    place (instead of trying to cover all bases up front).
    Then, figure out what resources ($$) you can apply towards
    achieving that goal (I assume each of the curricula you
    outlined have different costs associated with them as well
    as different levels of prestige)

    Sorry to not have been of more help. :-/

    Good luck!
    D Yuniskis, May 22, 2011
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  3. paulhooper

    scatter Guest

    Hi Paul, embedded systems covers a broad area with these different courses
    looking at different aspects. Your second choice looks like a comms course
    rather than an embedded one though.

    I'd suggest that you go to each of their facilities and look at their labs
    (and look at any subject materials online, and even published student
    projects). Labs are what make an engineering course - they're expensive to
    both develop and run properly, and can really differentiate university
    scatter, May 27, 2011
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