msi 6119 problems

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Michael Schwarz, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I'm tearing my hair out!!

    System is:
    msi 6119 latest bios 2.9 (i think from memory)
    p3 600
    asus 7100 ge force 2 mx
    384 me g pc133 ram
    western digital 40 gig hdd ata100 (wd400jb)
    sound blaster pci 128
    sony burner - crx225e
    3com 3c509b-tx nic
    xp pro - all current updates/patches applied

    I have 2 problems.....the first is when I bought the new wd hard drive
    I was given a sil0680 pci ata 133 adaptor that does raid etc. When it
    is in the system it causes instability, it either reboots during
    bootup or causes the machine to reboot at some stage during use
    shortly after sucessful bootup. I have searched everywhere for info
    as to why this is happening and have found no info. I have swapped
    sil 0680 cards with the same result, have used that card in a linux
    machine and it worked fine. If I leave the card in the system and run
    the hdd off the primary ide on the m/board the system runs without a
    problem....that is until I found my next problem.

    My laptop is an old win98 machine and whenever I try to brouse or suck
    files from my share folder on the xp machine it will either lock up or
    again reboot evey single time I try to do this.
    I remember reading that there may be issues with xp on older systems
    in relation to pci steering and maybe acpi, but I do not seem to have
    the option to disable these in device manager.
    I have assumed that the problem lies with the ata 133 card but am
    stumped on how to fix it!!
    Any ideas would be appreciated or if I havent given enough detail
    please let me know.


    Michael Schwarz, Jul 17, 2003
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