Discussion in 'MSI' started by Clark, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Clark

    Clark Guest

    I have 3 machines that have been in use on a win2k network for
    approximately 18 months. Suddenly 1 machine started to rebooting when
    accessing network shares. The problem just appeared from nowhere.
    After reducing the clock speed from 133 to 100 mhz, the problem
    dispated slightly. Now several weeks later all 3 machines are
    duplicating the same problem. As soon as u begin to copy files from
    the local machine to a win2k network share, the local machine will
    reboot suddenly. No changes have occurred to the network to provoke
    this response.

    Trouble shooting has involved, changing pci slots w/ the network card,
    uninstalling the ACPI Management Console from windows and letting all
    the devices be found again. This fixed it for about 15 minutes and 2
    reboots. Now the trouble is right back again.

    There are 4 other types of machines on the network but none are having
    this problem.

    Can Any One Help...
    Clark, Jun 14, 2004
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  2. Clark

    RVi Guest

    Might be your PSU (power supply unit) is the culprit you might need to
    get a more powerful one. A good one would have this spec 450W range
    with 30A on +3.3V and 22A on +12V.

    If its not your PSU then there must be a conflict somewhere in the Bios
    or the O/S.

    RVi, Jun 14, 2004
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  3. Clark

    fonman Guest

    I have 2 machines on a home network and have the exact same problem
    with 1 of them. It has progressed to the point of rebooting just after
    Windows finishes loading, every time.
    I have tried replacing "everything" except the mother board.
    I have changed the power supply, CPU, memory, video card, network
    card, removed all other cards and drives, replaced the hard drive and
    loaded it with Windows Me, (I was running XP pro) Flashed the bios,
    and changed all the ACPI settings I could find to no avail.

    I have come to the conclusion that the Mo-Bo is dying.

    If anyone else has any other suggestions, I'm all ears!

    Good Luck.
    fonman, Aug 2, 2004
  4. Clark

    isildur Guest

    No solution I'm afraid, just another victim :?

    My system has a MSI 6309 ver 1.1 motherboard.
    It started doing spontaneous reboots about two weeks ago after my
    holidays. The reboots happen both in Windows 2000 and Debian Linux.
    Before that, the system ran stable for at least a year (the mobo was
    replaced at about that time).
    At first, the system would boot normally but reboot while I was
    working. A week later, I can't get it to complete a boot at all.
    Only BIOS setup and memtest will run stable.

    Memtest86 shows no problems with my 512 MB RAM.
    Removing PCI cards (SBLive, D-Link 10/100 Ethernet and ISDN) and
    disconnecting IDE drives (I have 2 HD's, one DVD and one CD-RW) makes
    no difference at all.

    If I look at the voltages in BIOS Setup, only the 12V is a touch low
    (11.8), but I don't think that's enough to cause these problems.
    Temps are normal (CPU at < 40 Celsius).

    Seeing the previous two posts, I think I will replace the mobo :(

    Posted through - free access to hardware troubleshooting newsgroups.
    isildur, Aug 30, 2004
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