MSI 6378 Disk I/O issue

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Joe Ready, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Joe Ready

    Joe Ready Guest

    I recently updated a PC installing an MSI 6378 Combo motherboard in
    the process.

    While the machine is basically stable, the disk performance is poor.

    Athlon 1700 XP @154
    256 Crucial 2100 DDR
    WD 20 Protege 5400 HD
    BFG TI Gforce 4200 RI video card
    Toshiba 16X DVD
    MSI onboard audio and ethernet interfaces
    Windows XP Professional (clean install on new HD)
    Latest BIOS and VIA drivers


    System will not boot when disk is strapped MS and cabled accordingly
    System will only boot from disk when strapped CS
    System can only play games when IDE 0 is cabled as slave
    System will not boot from floppy under any configuration
    System runs very poor disk benchmarks (Pc Mark 2002) ie. values or 200
    to 400
    When disk is cabled as slave benchmarks increase (sporatically) to

    I don't care about the benchmark values, they are only indicative.
    The system has to be cabled as IDE 0 / slave to play games at all. If
    IDE 0 is cabled as as master while the system boots, it is unusable
    from a gaming perspecitive.

    This was a working setup that used to work well under Windows 98 SE
    under FAT 32( with a different drive). As stated, the disk drive was
    new ( a WD RMA claimed to be an "upgrade")as was the XP installation.

    My surmise (in order):

    The HD is crap (in spite of what WD says)
    The BIOS/MB is crap
    I don't know what I'm doing

    All insights and links to resources are much appreciated.

    Joe Ready, Sep 11, 2003
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