MSI 6378 Weird sound problem

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Joe Ready, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Joe Ready

    Joe Ready Guest

    I recently had a bizarre system crash and perhaps stranger recovery. I
    have a system that has run Window 98 SE using a number of MBs since
    1999. Two days ago I ran Partition Magic 8.0 to fix a partition issue
    that dates to the building of the machine. Although everything worked
    well initially, I suffered a system crash within 24 hrs that caused me
    to undertake a major rebuild. After the crash, I installed a KM2M
    motherboard that I had since there were indications that hardware was
    part of the problem (previous system hangs and loss of video sync).
    Things came back up (I am on the system now) and work OK except for
    one really strange problem. The sound card (a Creative Soundblaster
    5.1) does not play either CDs or streaming audio (Media Player radio
    or the Mozilla equivalent). Anytime I try and play streaming music or
    CDs I get " media format not supported or Mozilla no internet
    connection detected". Yet the system, network and sound work fine in
    other ways, (AOL "you have mail" or games such as Counterstrike sound
    effects). There is clearly nothing wrong with the hardware or network
    access. I have tried reloading Windows 98 SE, IE 6.0 and Microsoft
    Media Play. Interesting, Mozilla also has problems playing. I am at
    a loss to understand what to do. The really strange thing is that
    games like Counterstrike work like they were designed to in every way.
    The onboard audio is is disabled the the VIA audio drivers are


    Windows 98 SE
    MSI 6378 MB
    512 M Micron 133 memory
    IBM 7200 40 G HD
    Abit Ge4 4200 Ti video 64 meg
    Creative 5.1 Live audio
    Creative 52-16-52 CD-RW
    Creative 16X DVD
    Soyo USB/flash disk reader
    Antec 431 true power PS
    All drivers and patches at current level

    It looks to me like the registry is being carried forward in spite of
    the new operating environment. What should I do to reestablish audio
    file associations related to Windows Media Player or find another
    environment that won't suffer this problem.

    Joe Ready, Feb 26, 2004
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