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Discussion in 'MSI' started by Ed, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest


    This is what I am getting,
    MSI 770-C45 motherboard,
    2x2GB DDR3-1600 ram,
    Phenom II CPU,

    It's been awhile since I built a PC (almost 4 years) so I have a few
    questions I'm hoping someone can help me with, I downloaded the mobo
    manual but it doesn't tell you much.

    1a) The mobo manual says...In Dual-Channel mode, make sure that you
    install memory modules of the same type and density in different channel
    DIMM slots.
    So with 2-sticks do I install one stick in Dimm slot 1 and the other
    stick in Dimm slot 3? (dimm slots 1&2 are black, dimm slots 2&3 are

    1b) What if I get 2 more sticks later on but a different type, does one
    pair go into the black slots and the other pair goes into the blue

    2) What is the default speed ram runs on the AMD AM3 cpu/boards? I'm
    installing a Phenom II X2 550 BE with two DDR-1600 sticks for now.

    3) I currently have two Asus boards and they have an option in the BIOS
    to boot-up from a keyboard key or mouse, does the MSI 770-C45 have any
    option like that?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
    Ed, Aug 9, 2009
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  2. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Yes the MSI manual and test reports for this board are very whimpy, and
    there is very little info on this board around the web, but with what
    you said and a couple things I did find I'll try the 2 sticks in Dimm
    1&2 first and run Memtest86+, I forgot that app tells you about the ram

    I've not heard of "Linked"/"Unlinked" , but there is the
    Ganged(1x128bit) and UnGanged(2x64bit) options for ram.

    Ed, Aug 11, 2009
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  3. Ed

    Paul Guest

    Yeah, that could be it. I suppose I could have looked it up
    in another motherboard manual, to get the terminology right.
    I didn't think about it at the time.

    Paul, Aug 11, 2009
  4. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Well got it together, both sticks in first two dimm slots, everything
    checks out ok!

    Ed, Aug 15, 2009
  5. Ed

    Jure Sah Guest

    Hash: SHA1

    I must say this post is the best example of someone trying to be smart
    to the extent of completely failing to address the OP's question, I have
    seen in a while.

    First of all, cut the crap.

    Second of all, to actually answer the OP's question: In MSI boards the
    logic of channel coloring is reverse of what you'd see in ASUS boards.
    The logic is that each channel is a different color slot, so if you want
    dual channel, you have to put in the chips in different color slots. On
    Asus, this is the other way around (there to use dual channel, you have
    to put both chips in the same color slots) leading to a lot of confusion
    and incorrectly assembled computers in computer stores. As far as I
    remember though, the motherboard comes with a booklet that has pictures
    of all dual channel configurations.

    Third fo all, memory bandwidth and motherboards on AMD platforms have
    nothing to do with eachother. The motherboard specifies the top speed as
    the top speed available on the market at the time of printing the
    manual, but the motherboard itself has no influence over the memory
    speeds supported. The memory controller is in the CPU, and the CPU
    determines what types of memory are supported.

    Fourth, 2T memory timings are default and AFAIK the default settings
    (aka "auto") always properly detect and utilize RAM. To answer the OP's
    question on speeds: There is no default speed for a specific CPU or
    godforbid a motherboard, stuff runs at the speeds of the RAM you brought.

    Fifth, memtest is explicitly stated not to be a benchmarking tool. The
    numbers you find in there are memtest binary load times and are highly
    innacurate, although they can give you a general idea of bandwidth.


    Paul pravi:

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    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Jure Sah, Aug 20, 2009
  6. Ed


    Sep 24, 2009
    Likes Received:
    hi i just recently bought this mobo. Were not really a lot of choices where i shopped for this computer so decided to give this mobo a try. heres the package i ended up with my budget:

    patriot viper series pc3 - 12800 1600 mhz 4gb (2X2gb)kit 7-7-7-20
    phenom x4 955 black edition
    zalman CNPS9900A LED
    random ati video card, with no fan?! what the hell :0(

    ran for a few days just started getting into ocing. auto settings on optimized settings in bios sets this chip @ 2.33 ghz.
    all i have changed as far as OC is set multiplier to X16 in the bios. left everything else as is.
    runs at 3.1 ghz
    cant mess with ram nothing ive tried works yet and is stable, although the person that bought this for me told me that this ram runs better oc'ed and was meant to always be oc'ed. however it runs very fast for me.

    anyone else have one of these? searching the net to see what others have done with this mobo. im not casting any judgement on it either way, but this is what i have so have to make the best of what ihave.

    i do agree with the previous post tho, it seems asus and a few others put thier ram side by side color binded while msi will stagger thier ram setup. so i gave it a try, and what the heck, it works either way!! lol sees all 4gb either way too, very odd!! lol :)
    articmunkey, Sep 24, 2009
  7. Ed


    Sep 24, 2009
    Likes Received:

    After letting run for a few days with these settings of just messing with the multiplier, I added some OC using the onboard red switches.

    After gradually working the switching up I have now let it sit at 15% increase. Number one toggle is down and number two toggle is in up position. Memory speed is still not at 1600 speeds but this setting for OC seems to be very stable so I will most likely end with it here.

    Cpu now reads: 3.68 GHZ

    Temp is very cool at this speed with onboard cpu temp reading at 37 degrees celcius. Thankyou Zalman coolers. Also, I am letting my computer on its side so heat dissapates upwards out the side of the case. This seems to help a lot as far as heat dissipation goes.

    At first I thought this board was a peice of ****, I just think its more nit picky and less straightforward than other boards, but the performance/price ratio right now I am forced to not complain. :)

    articmunkey, Sep 26, 2009
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