MSI 845 Ultra-ARU and other i845D chipset mobos of MSI

Discussion in 'MSI' started by GinTonix, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. GinTonix

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    As a newbie (well, I used to have a MSI 6178 but it is not counted) MSI
    owner I would welcome all the hints for this one. I just bought a
    second-hand MSI 845 Ultra-ARU (6 months in use after RMAing the original
    one) via the local internet auction and started wondering what I actually
    have gotten. I have a few questions, thanks for the anwers in advance! You
    can answer in my email or in the newsgroup.

    1. Processor. Officially the mobo supports only FSB400 Celerons and P4's but
    how about unofficially? There are hints in MSI home pages that the 533
    Northwoods could be run, are there any known glitches (good/bad core
    steppings etc.)? Just goto bios and set the FSB to 133 (it being
    quad-pumped=533) and that's it... or is it? What do the PCI and AGP think
    about 133FSB, some sources say that they are overclocked and won't probably
    run too good, some say that for FSB133 they are in specs in this mobo (for
    FSBs >132 different divider used). Which processor would you guys use?
    Celerons are cheap but are they good for anything? This one leads to the
    next question...

    2. Memory. 200 and 266 DDR is recommended and officially supported, but the
    prices being what they are, I would probably go for (at least) 333 DDR. The
    previous question also suggests that maybe I should have faster than 266
    memory if I intend to use a FSB533 processor. How about DDR400 or even
    faster, have they been tried and if so, how do they run? How about bios
    settings for memory, IIRC for FSB400 (actually 100) the DDR200 will run in
    FSB (x2 for DDR) speed and DDR266 will run in 4/3 x FSB (x 2 for DDR). Now,
    based on this, if I throw in some DDR333 and set the memory setting to
    DDR266, it would give me 4/3 x 133 x 2 = 354MHz... and for bios setting
    DDR200 I'd get 133 x 2 = 266MHz. How does DDR overclock, I have only fiddled
    with single speed RAM this far?

    3. Having not seen the mobo yet, how about the integrated 5.1 sound system?
    What do I need, just 6 loudspeakers and a bunch of drivers and that's it or

    4. I have been thinking of a P4 or Celeron of appr. 2G, is a Radeon 8500
    enough? I know it's an oldie, but I cannot spend more. I got one lying
    around somewhere.

    5. Differencs between this one and other i845D mobos of MSI. Can I burn in
    another board's bios to make this board to appear something else and if so,
    why would I want to do that? Anything like support for FSB 533 available?
    There are a couple of MSI boards that use the same chipset (well other
    boards than the siblings 845 Ultra Pure and 845 Ultra AR) and for what I
    have understood the differences are minimal.

    6. The most important last: is this mobo any good? :)

    GinTonix, Aug 2, 2004
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  2. GinTonix

    GinTonix Guest


    GinTonix, Aug 6, 2004
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