MSI 875P neo system crashes at boot and within win XP (SATA hard disks used)

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Brad, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Brad

    Brad Guest

    Hi there,
    I decided to build my own kit based on the MSI 875p neo Motherboard,
    however the system keeps crashing, at random and often failing to
    reboot. The system has crashed on me now about 5 times, all needing
    rebuilds (with the system either hanging trying to load the OS and
    sometimes crashing when using the OS) and I cannot work out what it
    is. I have only had the kit for about 4 days.

    For example when running in safe mode after the windows xp sp1 crashed
    a dreaded blue screen with UnMountable_Boot_Volume error appeard, this
    seems to be pretty fatal and despite MS articles stating use the
    repair and chkdsk, fixboot it often hangs at the repair so I cannot do
    this. I can install XP fine just after say a few hours of use and a
    few reboots and it crashes. Ive seen a microsoft article on this but I
    have the disks set up as sata (KB297185)

    My spec is below and then give the symptoms + some other bios setup

    MSI 875PNeo FIS2R (Motherboard)
    Corsair Tx Pro 1024Mb 3200 C2 (512MB paired memory in slots 1 & 3)
    465W Enermax PSU EG465AXFMA (PSU)
    DiamondMax Plus9 160GB SATA150 x 2 (Hard disk)
    3.2 GHz P4 800fsb (cpu uses standard intel cooler)
    Plextor PX708A (DVD Writer)
    Asus IDE CDRW (cd writer)
    Xaser III LanFire VM2000 (case)
    Graphics card 64 MB Geforce4 MX440 AGPx8 (due to be upgraded, probably
    to a an ati 9800xt soon!!)
    Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 (sound card)
    DirectX 9b
    Latest Nvidia drivers (52.16)
    Windows XP sp1
    I believe the bios was updated in 090803 (v1.8) 3.31AmiBios

    It has the following symptoms, although not consistent (they never
    It sometimes hangs on the first Primary IDE drive when I first boot, I
    then reboot and it is normally fine.
    It has hung before midway on boot up of the OS, and when examining
    what is the problem in safe mode it was at the drivers\agp440.sys
    (which is graphics related).
    Once the Windows XP repair hung when it tried to examine the Hard
    Sometimes the White dashed progress bar before the XP boot up logo
    appears, it remains on the screen and then the system freezes.
    I have managed to use it for say ½ a day, play a game for say 5 hours
    and then the game and OS crashes, and another time just an hour (so
    doubt its overheating). And then often Windows XP fails to boot.

    Q. Firstly can anyone spot any incompatibilities in my kit? Or
    something that could corrupt the hard disk?
    Q. My bios setup is pretty standard I have not fiddled with the Power
    or fiddled with the latency for memory, or CPU should I? (I just want
    it to work!! Im not worried about OC - yet)
    The bit I have setup in the bios for the SATA is this: (does it look
    ATA capacity PATA+SATA
    Combined Mode SATA 1st channel
    SATA P0/ P1 Slave
    When I boot it shows

    Primary IDE Master Maxtor 6Y160M0
    Primary IDE Slave Maxtor 6Y160M0
    Secondary IDE Master Asus CRW-52224a
    Secondary IDE Slave Plextor-PX
    Which looks ok to me….

    Power is set to slow performance
    The DRAM is SPD enabled
    And DRAM integrity is disabled

    Q. It's the first time I have come across SATA disks, I don`t want
    them in a Raid, I just want to 2 big hard disks. They have 4
    connectors on the back of the hard disk. Im using 2 of them one for
    the SATA cable to the motherboard and one for the Power. This power
    cable is shared for both disks. I chose a meaty PSU as I have read low
    PSUs can cause crashes.. alas...
    I have plugged each hard disk into 1st 2 SATA ports on the board. I
    have swapped the SATA cables and ports but no joy.
    My hard disk partition for C: is 128 GB

    I have installed the system recovery console from within Windows XP
    but it does not always bail me out.
    The event viewer and all the cards show fine in the device manager and
    the drivers install ok. If the system does crash I can`t reboot to see
    the event viewer.

    Im sorry it's a long mail and I hope I have enough info here for
    ideas, I guess the next step is to start to fiddle with memory? Its in
    slots 1 and 3 as it states in guides. Could it be the graphics card
    causing crashes??? Do i need to flash the bios or is that a bit
    many thanks
    Brad, Nov 11, 2003
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  2. Brad

    Annie Guest

    Check the timing settings on you memory.

    Annie, Nov 11, 2003
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  3. Brad

    Brad Guest

    Hi Annie,
    Thanks for that I will check what they are and post them up here
    later. The bios is set to the defaults for memory, but I will post
    what the manufacturer states and what is in the bios. I was thinking
    it might be Hard disk related I checked on the msi forum site and
    there was an interesting article from Maseus

    here is a snippet of one of the points..

    "Q: My SATA HDD always gives me errors, data corruptions and can't
    Check the SATA HDD's bridge chip with a "M" logo, the chip build has
    to be B5P and above, not B2P/B3P which are known to be buggy. B4P is
    OK but B5P is better. Maxtor and Western Digital SATA HDDs are known
    to use this bridge chip. Seagate Barracuda V uses different bridge
    chip and does not make that much problems compared to Maxtor's. RMA
    the HDDs if possible. MSI is working on the BIOS to fix this
    incompatible issues. Get BIOS 1.9B3 or 1.6B2 or above"

    However Im unsure about the using the bios 1.9B3 as it is not on the
    official MSI site and there are no instructions / support for it.. But
    it looks like it could be related to my problem and may fix it. I will
    also check my SATAs Bridge chip (If I can work out where it is to see
    if it could be a problem.

    Brad, Nov 11, 2003
  4. Brad

    Annie Guest

    If you susspect the HD try using an IDE HD and see what happens.
    Performance isn't that bad w/ the IDE.
    Annie, Nov 13, 2003
  5. Hi

    I hade the same problem for a month ago, give the DDR more power, up to 2.8
    and i think it will run.

    I have A-Data Pc4000 and the computere craches if i give the DDR less then

    Jørn Petersen, Nov 24, 2003
  6. Brad

    Walker Guest

    Also, check the Intel site and make sure you are using the latest
    Chipset and Raid drivers. Some users have had to load the raid drivers
    while installing the OS while at the F6 ("if you have drivers while
    installing Windows prompt"). Good luck.
    Walker, Nov 25, 2003
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