MSI graphics card MS-8833 in ASROCK P4V88+ in 1,5 volt AGP-Slot?

Discussion in 'ASRock' started by Steven Munlo, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Steven Munlo

    Steven Munlo Guest


    I have a brandnew ASROCK P4V88+ Mobo for an older P4 (Socket-478). This
    Mobo needs an 1,5 volt AGP graphics card. May I use my old MS-8833
    Geforce3 MSI graphics card or will I destroy my mainboard? I don't know
    if the MS-8833 does support 1,5 volt or is only 3,3 volt. According to
    MSI it supports AGP 2x / 4x.

    Steven Munlo, Oct 7, 2006
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  2. Steven Munlo

    Paul Guest

    The AGP slot has plastic keys in it. The video card has slots.
    Illegal combinations are prevented by the key and slot system.

    There were some violations of the rules. Some older video cards
    had the wrong slots cut in them, allowing a 3.3V only video card
    to be plugged into a 1.5V only motherboard. The motherboard
    Northbridge would be destroyed when that happens. This SIS305
    is an example of a card with both slots cut in it, when it
    should only have had the 3.3V slot on it.

    This guide shows what products can be mixed together.

    According to this page, MS-8833 is Geforce 2 MX400:

    The page says your video card is "Universal AGP Card"
    and the two slots cut in the middle area of the AGP connector
    on the card, confirm that.

    The P4V88+ is "VIA PT880" according to this: says PT880 is "Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Motherboard".

    The "Practical Motherboard And Card Compatibility"
    on says your video card is compatible with
    your motherboard. So go ahead and use it.

    Paul, Oct 8, 2006
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