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MSI K7D Master-L great enthusiast board

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Supertimer, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Supertimer

    Supertimer Guest

    I recently built a dual Athlon MP system using this
    board because the Asus model I wanted was out of
    stock and I just wanted to share my experiences
    with it.

    Of the AMD 760MPX boards, this one has to be
    the best for enthusiasts. I originally wanted the
    Asus model because it offered FSB overclocking
    via the BIOS. To my surprise, the MSI board not
    only offered that, but also multiplier control. The
    USB ports also worked like a charm but they still
    included the USB 2.0 card that provided four more

    First thing that you will notice when you boot into
    the BIOS is that the FSB clock select goes up to
    150Mhz (DDR300). The board is rock stable at
    the maximum FSB clock speed. On this chipset,
    the memory bus is synchronous with the FSB
    clock so you can overclock your memory.

    I built this system because I wanted the best
    32-bit SMP system AMD had to offer. Like my
    K6-III+ system, I waited till near the end of the
    platform's life cycle to get the best representative
    system at the lowest prices (I also plan to build
    an nForce2 single processor system as that is
    the best representative single processor 32-bit
    Athlon system).

    The system has the following:

    Two Athlon MP 1.2's overclocked to 1.43Ghz
    MSI K7D Master-L with AMD 760MPX chipset
    overclocked with FSB overclock at 150Mhz
    512MB of Crucial memory overclocked to
    Creative Audigy2 sound card
    Radeon 9000 graphics card
    120GB 7200RPM IDE drive
    DVD burner
    Windows XP Professional

    I skimped on the processor and graphics card
    to save money. In the future, the MP's will be
    replaced with Barton core Athlon XP processors
    with the L5 bridge modification to remove the
    SMP lock and the graphics card will be replaced
    with ATI's top model.

    The system is great for multitasking, able to run
    multiple processor intensive applications at once
    without noticeable pauses.

    AMD's SMP chipset for 32-bit Athlons has come
    a long way. The original Tyan boards with the
    AMD 760MP chipset were unremarkable and
    offered little tweaking. When the 760MPX came
    out and more manufacturers offered boards, the
    boards only offered FSB overclocking and were
    not very good in that respect and a bug had
    prevented the USB ports from working. In the
    MSI K7D Master-L is finally a very overclockable
    board with enthusiast features that is stable
    and bug free.

    I recommend this board to anyone who wants
    to build a dual Athlon system.

    My previous "end of life" top end platform (ie.
    the best technology near the end of the K6
    platform's life) was built around a K6-III+ chip.
    The specs were as follows:

    K6-III+ 450 with 256k of on-die full speed L2
    overclocked to 616Mhz
    Soyo 5EMA series motherboard with VIA
    MVP3 chipset and UDMA66 controller
    256MB of PC133 SDRAM (memory bus at
    40GB 7200RPM IDE drive
    Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI card
    Kyro2 64MB graphics card
    3dfx TV Tuner card

    Already thinking a year and a half to two years
    down the road for my Opteron project.

    Anyone else have success with MSI's dual
    Athlon board?
    Supertimer, Aug 17, 2003
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  2. Supertimer

    rstlne Guest

    MSI boards die 8-14 months after use, They use cheap power regulators and
    try to filter the horrible noise out using large caps (sure it works) but at
    the same time the regulators are being pushed to the edge and the board will
    go pfft..
    My view of MSI boards..
    Mix that with a 1 year (UK) warranty and they are great boards for people
    who use systems < 1 year
    rstlne, Aug 17, 2003
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  3. Supertimer

    Supertimer Guest

    Do you know if this is true for all MSI boards or just some
    models? The only time I had this happen to me was with
    an FIC board.

    Anyway, I am starting to build another system using an
    Asus board. Then I'll have a good representation of the
    quality of four different manufacturers, FIC, Soyo, MSI,
    and Asus.
    Supertimer, Aug 17, 2003
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