MSI K7D Master Newbie????????????????????

Discussion in 'MSI' started by John, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest


    It would help to say what OS you plan on using. has most of
    the drivers your need (if you click on drivers/chipsets).

    Also has drivers for the on-board Ethernet (if you get
    that option) and the AMD AC'97 sound link.

    The motherboard will accept the MP2800s also. I suggest you get the
    boxed processors (the ones that come with a 3-year warranty and include
    the CPU).

    You should use registered, ECC, PC2100 DDR memory. I suggest you use a
    real name brand like Kingston or PNY (people have had problems with
    Crucial, so you might want to stay away from them on this one). Most
    ECC/Registered modules only come in CAS2.5, but it really doesn't affect
    performance that much vs CAS2.

    I don't think you'll have any problems with a GeForce3, I am using a
    GeForce4 Ti4600 without issues.

    Good luck.
    John, Jul 7, 2003
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  2. John

    NBK Guest

    ***What BIOS and drivers do i need to make MSI K7D Master MPX work?
    ***Will it accept 2x2800's?
    ***Are there any problems with Leadtek GeForce3 ti-200??
    ***What kind of memory would i use for it?????

    NBK, Jul 8, 2003
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  3. John

    NBK Guest

    I will use Windows 2000 Pro SP4 and Windows XP Pro..
    NBK, Jul 9, 2003
  4. If the card is made for PCI 3.3v, or 5v/3.3v, then yes. However, most
    PCI cards are 32-bit/5v.

    If you can get a glimpse of the picture of the card you want to get,
    compare it to the USB 2.0 card that comes with the "L" model of K7D

    Note the 2 notches. This board can be used in 64-bit or 32-bit slot.
    But I think it only works in 32-bit mode even in the 64-bit slot.
    Derick Domino, Jul 9, 2003
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