MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum non-SLI (PCB 1.0) troubles

Discussion in 'MSI' started by kate, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. kate

    kate Guest

    I love this mobo, but ever since I decided to updrage my winky little
    6200GT to a serious 7-series gaming card, I've had nothing but grief.
    The mobo refuses to POST with a 7900GTO, or a 7950GT... yet it boots
    fine with the crappy 6200GT.

    I've also tried it with two different brand new PSUs (and both cards
    were/are brand new too).

    As soon as I put a 7-series card in the mobo doesn't seem to be
    compatible. I bought this mobo in Dec '04 so it would be future proof
    for my purposes for at least 2 years. Please don't tell me they don't
    work with 7-series cards!

    Things I've tried and checked:

    1. Make sure all connections are solid.

    2. Re-seat components, blow out mobo with condensed air and boot with
    only necessary components installed.

    3. Re-set CMOS between tries and uninstall battery for a few minutes,
    then put it back.

    4. Already updated BIOS to 1.D0, the latest version available for this
    mobo, done through MSI Live Update.

    5. PSU was a new OCZ ModStream running 32a on the 12v rail, while the
    second is a XION 600w, running 28a on 12v rail. The cards called for a
    minimum of 22a on the 12v rail, so juice was not the problem (also
    double-checked in CMOS).

    And of course the PCIe cable was connected from the PSU each time.

    I spent all last weekend on this problem, and sent back a OCZ PSU
    thinking it was the problem. I also returned the 7900GTO b/c the fans
    were so loud when they would spin up.

    So I got the XION PSU, and the silent 7950GT, and I am having the same
    problem. MSI was no help. Said they'd issue an RMA and it would take 2-3
    weeks. YIKES. Is there *anything* anyone would suggest I try?

    kate, Oct 20, 2006
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  2. kate

    kate Guest

    In case anyone else was interested in this, continuing tinkering got the
    XFX 7950GT to work in the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard, but without
    the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum sound card installed. The SB is legacy
    (1999) and it just doesn't play nice with the 7950GT. If anyone has any

    I tried manually assigning IRQ5 in BIOS to a legacy PCI/ISA device, but
    that didn't help. Updated most recent drivers available too. Creative
    Labs no longer provides technical support for this sound card, so I'm
    now at a loss.
    kate, Oct 20, 2006
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  3. kate

    Grunion Guest

    The SB Live! are notorious for not playing nice with other hardware.
    However, that was with Win9x/Me OS and came down to a fight over the
    same IRQ. Back then one got around this issue by putting the SB in a
    slot that didn't share any IRQs and made sure it didn't share resources
    with the video. Those that couldn't get it worked out usually bought
    another brand, Turtle Beach, or something like that.

    But that may be moot. Doesn't this board have onboard sound, and isn't
    it almost the same, if not better than the SB Live!?

    Grunion, Oct 21, 2006
  4. kate

    kate Guest

    Hi Grun,
    And always have been! :)
    Yup... I was in "those old days" and spent many-a-night screwing around
    with IRQ settings and special commands in the autoexec.bat file to load
    the SB somewhere it could be by itself. ;-) And I tried this card in
    different slots for that same reason too.
    Oh-ho! Gut punch! The on-board sound is majorly bad. This SB may be
    legacy but it's a great sound card and has a separate input bay with
    MIDI in/out Line in, SPDIF, headphones with vol control, etc. Was like
    $300 new and not just b/c it was the latest thing then but b/c it's a
    great card. Also does not use CPU resources.

    But your point is well taken. I'm about to use Fresh Diagnose to see
    what IRQs my other components are using. I can't believe I'm doing this
    again... I thought my days of screwing with IRQs were long-over.
    (argh... at least we don't have to reassign com ports anymore!)

    kate, Oct 21, 2006
  5. kate

    agerardi Guest

    Hi Kate, One thing left to try if you haven't already did so is to put
    the SB Live card in another pc slot. That will cause it to use a
    different IQ normally.

    agerardi, Oct 24, 2006
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