MSI K9N Platinum problems...

Discussion in 'MSI' started by tlahtein, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. tlahtein

    tlahtein Guest

    Hi everyone!

    I've met some strange problems with my symstem with MSI K9N Platinum
    mobo, without being able to find any help from the web:

    After having my set-up with AMD 64 X2 processor first time up and
    running, everything was working fine. I installed MSI Live Update 3 and
    updated all drivers and sw, including bios to latest versions. Only odd
    phenomenon at that time was, that MSI Core Center crashed every now and
    then during boot up, telling that it "does not support your
    motherboard".. At the time it worked ok, it showed wrong system fan
    info (Antec Sonata II case), telling that it's speed is ~1300rpm,
    although the fan was not running at all... As well, there was a minus
    sign in front of cpu temperature. All cables etc. are 100% connected
    right, so I kept this as a problem of MSI software (which - to be onest
    - sometimes are not so well finished..).

    Suddenly, about a week ago, the problems got worse. Live update crashed
    while obtaining information from motherboard. I updated the mainboard
    drivers manually from the web, re-installed live update (latest
    version) and tried again without succes. All other functions of LU3
    work fine exept motherboard driver version detection, that crashes the
    software without notice. Also Core Center went dead and after
    reinstalling it didn't show any information on temperatures or fan
    speeds etc. Dual Core Center is totally uninstallable. Finally I
    couldn't reinstall even the std. Core Center.

    Have anyone met similar problems and got any solution? Is this just a
    problem of MSI software, or could there be some incompatibility with
    AMD's cpu drivers and mobo? Or could it be a hw failure? Both live
    update and core center (or dual core center) are nice tools and I would
    like to get them work. I would be extremely appreciated of any help.

    tlahtein, Sep 15, 2006
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  2. tlahtein

    Folk Guest

    I've heard quite a few horror stories with respect to Live Update and
    bios flashing. You might try to reflash your bios manually using a
    Folk, Sep 15, 2006
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  3. tlahtein

    mmarccollins Guest

    G'day mate,

    I've had similar problems
    AMD64 Athalon x2 4600+
    2GB Corsair DDRII etc
    K9N Platinum
    I found with mine that core center would occasionaly popup and tell me
    it wouldnt start but was still running in the task bar....
    With LU3 ive found that it almost always crashes when searching the MB
    With the minus sign in front of the temp, if you look in the bios it
    will have the same temp -48'C other tools such as speedfan or everest
    will give you something differnt..

    I spoke to MSI about it and all they could offer me after asking me 50
    times for information i had put in my first email eventualy they sent
    me a unreleased bios with the following message

    Dear Sir,

    Please try to use first the A7250ims.143 to verify.

    If the temperature is still negative, we would suggest you to have the
    MB for RMA.

    blah blah blah

    so yeah i think that at the end of the day im going to be without a
    working MB for 2-8weeks while the RA gets passed from me to the
    wholesaler to 3 of their departments before being returned to MSI then
    all they way back to me...


    mmarccollins, Oct 3, 2006
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