MSI K9N SLI Platinum - boot from usb flash

Discussion in 'MSI' started by AdvarP, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. AdvarP

    AdvarP Guest


    I am trying to get a floppy-less LG LT20 notebook to boot from flash. After
    unsuccessful tries, I decided to test if my main POC would boot from the USB
    flash drive. No way.

    The USB flash has been prepared with 1) the HP Key utility and 2) the
    USBFlash program. I have tried both as floppy and as HDD.

    Now, to be able to start debugging this , I would need to know HOW to get
    the MSI k9N SLI Platinum to boot from the USB. I press F11, go to Boot menu,
    then... there is no USB Flash or USB HDD even, just USB floppy or USB Zip or
    USB Optical. Whatta... I have tried to select USB floppy to no avail, also
    USB Zip... nothing, the system does not even try to read the USB although it
    is listed in that startup screen where tyhe HDD, Floppies, Memory etc are
    listed - that screen that looks like a table, not during POST.

    Has anyone been able to boot from USB Flah using this Mobo, if so PLEASE
    please tell me how.

    Thank you
    AdvarP, Apr 5, 2007
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  2. AdvarP

    AdvarP Guest

    Oh bl**dy hell - it seems to be k8n sli, my apologies :) gee I have an old
    board already :)
    AdvarP, Apr 5, 2007
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  3. AdvarP

    guest Guest

    Check with the MSI website for newer bios that supposed to support
    boot from a USB device.

    I still have my K7T Pro-A board & found newer bios dated 2002 that
    said for booting with a USB device. Still wasn't able to boot from
    a flash drive after either doing the HP or mkbt methods of setting
    up a DOS flash drive.

    Think I'm missing something but you may have better luck especially
    your K8N is a newer motherboard.
    guest, Apr 5, 2007
  4. AdvarP

    AdvarP Guest


    I already have the MS-7100 v3.A0 - I suppose it is the latest, I see three
    USB options but none includes a flash drive OR a USB HDD. There are other
    utils for revealing hidden options but really - is it worth spending time on
    that ??

    So I guess we are done for. I am not sure if the newer K9N supports that. I
    am not sure I will buy MSI at all again in fact, the onboard USB ports have
    been hopeless and also I had an internal ZIP drive that made the Mobo never
    come back from powersaving - that took ages to debug - fix was... unplug ZIP

    All Mobos have probs, but I bought this one as high-end ($250 or so) and
    after the first one had a defective BIOS, this one had the USB prob.

    Actually even the LG Laptop that is newer cannot boot from USB Flash... so
    maybe I am doing soemnthing wrong, I am still to get ANY machine to boot
    from a USB Flash.

    For now I will get a USB Floppy and try with that.

    AdvarP, Apr 5, 2007
  5. AdvarP

    sonbarbun Guest

    Hello AdvarP,
    I have just the same problem as you have. I tried many alternative
    methods but unfortunately haven't reached any conclusion yet.
    i tried 2 usb prouct but bios didn't see any of them.

    There are some advice in the page of 'Running Windows XP from
    USB-Stick / HDD' (

    i burnt a new winxp cd stated in that article. but there was nothing.
    So the last thing i am planning to do is upgrading the bios.
    i hope i will work. it is the latest bios i found in the msi site

    link 'MSI -- MICRO-STAR INT'L CO., LTD.' (

    if any one solves this issue i am very appreciated.

    sonbarbun, Dec 1, 2007
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