MSI MS-6380 Vcore out the wazoo! Any ideas?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Cory Dunkle, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Cory Dunkle

    Cory Dunkle Guest

    I have an MSI MS-6380 (K7T266 Pro IIRC) with a 1.533 GHz Palomino. This is
    actually the CPU and motherboard combo I 'won' at the AMD Extreme
    Performance Project in Philly.

    I checked my core voltage today as my CPU seems to be running a bit hot at
    54C under full load. The core voltage reads ~2.1 volts (occasionally +-.01).
    I tried manually changing the voltage setting in the BIOS but that has no
    affect on the voltage reading.

    I think a few of my occasional stability problems may be related to the
    obscenely high voltage and subsequent heat produced. For cooling I'm running
    an Alpha PAL8045 with Arctic Silver and topped with a Delta high output 80mm
    fan running at 5 volts (whisper quiet, but still moves a good bit of air). I
    think I may crank it back up to 12v to bring the CPU down to just above room
    temperature, but I'd like to cure the voltage problem since I'm not
    overclocking this thing. I haven't unlocked the multiplier on this CPU and
    the MSI board doesn't like more than a couple MHz over stock on the FSB. I
    don't mind the high voltage, but there's no sense running at 2.1 volts if
    I'm only running at the stock 1.533 GHz.

    I'd like to cure the voltage 'problem' to rule it out as a possible cause
    for my occasional instability. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear
    them. I doubt the board is still under warranty as I got it totally free
    about 2-3 years ago, whenever the first XPP came around.

    Also, what is the best way to unlock the multiplier on a Palomino? Epoxy to
    fill the trench and conductive ink to connect the bridges? Can anyone
    recommend some products to do this or any tips or tricks? I figure if I'm
    running at 2.1 volts I may as well take advantage of it, particularly since
    I've got one of the best heatsink+fan setups to be had. Thanks.

    Cory Dunkle, Jan 7, 2004
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