MSI PT880 NEO motherboard failing to start with XP Pro

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Joseph Mouhanna, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. I built a system using an MSI PT880 NEO motherboard. Other details:
    System details:
    MSI PT880 Motherboard - VIA 880 Chipset
    Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz
    1 GB RAM (2x512) PC 3200
    ATI Radeon 9250 AGP card
    USB/1394 PCI card
    Two 250GB PATA hard disks (one is UDMA 133 and the other is 100) running in
    master/slave configuration.

    AMIBIOS A7043 VMS, ver 1.6 092404

    I set XP Pro (using the XP Pro 2002 setup CD). XP Pro set up fine. Following
    the install, I ran the CD that came with the motherboard, and installed the
    VIA motherboard chipset driver. The system rebooted and when it came back
    up, the Windows spalshscreen did not appear and all the only thing I could
    see is a cursor at the top leftmost corner of the screen. Any ideas?
    Joseph Mouhanna, Nov 17, 2004
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