MSI SiS 745 1 Long Beep, 8 Short Beeps, no display, no post

Discussion in 'MSI' started by rvyn, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. rvyn

    rvyn Guest

    So my MSI 745 mobo sometimes has a problem with my 1.8 ghz athlon xp
    2200+ (it may be 2100+, i can't remember), in which sometimes on
    bootup it displays that it's only 1.3 ghz... i never really noticed a
    performance issue (the 1 gb of ram kinda picks the slack up nice), but
    it usually takes a trip to the bios for it to display correctly (i
    don't even know if i do anything in there, just going to the bios
    seems to fix it)...

    unfortunately yesterday while fiddling around i turned on "high
    performance" defaults and booted up. everything was fine until windows
    media player started crashing and eventually the computer restarted
    randomly. it did this once more until i realized that i upped the fsb
    speed from 100mhz to 133mhz, and that was probably not a good idea.
    after another random restart i went back to the bios and lowered my
    accidental overclockage back to normal and pressed save and exit.

    my computer stopped booting up after that. it starts up and beeps once
    long and eight short, which according to the AMI Bios Beep Code, means
    a video adapter error. this is substantiated by the fact that nothing
    displays on my monitor. anyway, i'm really up **** creek without a
    paddle here since i don't know which of my components is screwed up. i
    took the video card from my other computer (a 32 mb geforce 2mx, with
    an ati radeon 9000 64mb on the screwy computer), and placed it on the
    screwy computer, only to still get the same beep code. i also tested
    the first video card on another computer and it worked fine, so it
    according to what i've read that usually means it's the mobo's
    problem, at which point i still don't know if there's anything wrong
    with the cpu, since overclocking it seems to be what caused the
    problem to begin with.

    anybody have any ideas? (also please excuse any incorrect terminology
    i used, i consider myself computer savvy regarding software, but i'm
    no hardware expert)
    rvyn, Jul 23, 2003
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