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Multi-display problem - 2nd monitor fuzzy

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Mike, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I had a machine custom built last month for use as a digital audio
    workstation. For this type of application, 3D rendering speed, etc.
    is of zero importance, but quiet operation and low CPU footprint are
    very important.

    To that end, the guy who built it installed an ATI Radeon 9200SE 64 MB
    AGP card. The rest of the system is Athlon64 3200+ on an MSI nForce
    250 mobo, with 1 GB RAM, etc. I have 2 Viewsonic E90Fs that I'd been
    using on my P4 workstation with a Matrox G550 - a setup with which I'd
    been very happy, display-wise.

    When I set up the new machine, I noticed immediately that the second
    CRT was "fuzzy". Not illegible fuzzy, but like I'm looking with my
    40-year-old eyes without my glasses on fuzzy. I'd never had any
    problems with the displays themselves, so I switched their position on
    the card, and the other monitor became fuzzy.

    I checked settings - both set to 85 Hz refresh rate, and all settings
    identical best I could tell. I contacted the guy who built it and he
    said maybe the DVI adapter was bad so he shipped me a new one. Didn't
    make any difference.

    At this point we decided it must've been a bad card, so he sent me a
    new one, but what I got was an NVidia GeForceFX 5200 64 MB card and
    the PCI version NOT AGP. Although my preference was to stick with the
    AGP card, I installed the NVidia and never had the issue with the
    fuzzy monitor.

    Once the guy found out that I'd gotten a PCI card he had me order a
    Rosewill 9200SE 64 MB AGP, which just came in today. When I installed
    it, damned it I didn't get the fuzzy monitor again!

    I've checked and re-checked, and from what I can tell both monitors
    are set identically both in XP, and on the monitor controls
    themselves. I am at wits end with this issue. I've degaussed, swtich
    the two monitors, nothing I've tried helps.

    I wouldn't think there would be an issue with the AGP slot on the
    mobo, or it seems like it wouldn't be working at all. ANY ideas
    anyone might have would be GREATLY appreciated at this point. Anyone
    ever seen this before?

    Mike, Jul 22, 2004
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