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Multiple Apps on UNIX?

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by GCG, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. GCG

    GCG Guest

    Is anyone out there running multiple applications or databases on
    single UNIX systems? Is anyone using UNIX workload management and
    partitioning features to cut admin load, hit SLAs, reduce footprints,
    and, hopefully, cut costs? Our company, Gabriel Consulting Group, is
    running a survey to see if customers in the real world (i.e. you folks)
    are actually using these features or if the vendors are simply
    whistling in the dark. We would greatly appreciate your participation
    in our research project. To respond to our survey, please cut and paste
    this entire message into an email and send it (after marking your
    choices, of course) to . That address
    again is:

    If you give us your name and mailing address, we will send you a small,
    but shabby, token of our appreciation to thank you for giving us your
    opinions. We may wish to contact some of you for short follow-up phone
    interviews; these people will receive slightly better gifts to
    compensate them for their time. Please remember to keep you
    expectations low in order to avoid disappointment. We will hold all
    responses, email addresses, etc., strictly confidential and will under
    no circumstances disclose any identifying information to third parties.
    We hate spam just as much as you do. Now, on to the survey...

    1. Please tell us which server families you predominately work with
    (rank from 1=most closely to 4=less closely)

    IBM AIX ________
    Sun Solaris ________
    HP, HP-UX ________
    HP, Tru64 ________
    Other ___________

    2. How big is your entire organization? (number of total employees)

    Under 500 ________
    500 to 1,500 ________
    1,500 to 5,000 ________
    5,000 + ____________

    3. In your organization, how many UNIX servers do you oversee or have
    some level of detailed knowledge about?

    Under 10 _________
    10 - 20 _________
    20 - 50 _________
    50 - 100 ________
    100 + ___________

    4. Of the UNIX servers you have knowledge of, how many are running more
    than one application or database on a single O/S instance or in
    multiple O/S instances on a single multi-processor SMP server?

    ________ None, virtually all of our UNIX systems run single
    applications only

    ________ Very few (10% or less)

    ________ Half of our UNIX servers are running multiple applications

    ________ More than half of our UNIX servers are running multiple

    Time to branch! If you answered "None" or "Very few" to
    question #4 above, move right on to question #5 below. If you answered
    "Half" or "More than half" to question #4 above, then proceed
    directly to the PARTING COMMENTS section below.

    5. Since you're still with us at question #5, you're organization
    does not run multiple UNIX applications on single systems, right? UNIX
    vendors have been talking a lot about this capability, and the benefits
    if can provide to customers, for the last couple of years. In the next
    set of questions, we would like to get a feel for why your data center
    has not adopted this new UNIX usage model. Next to each of the
    statements below, please let us know on a 1-5 scale if you agree that
    the statement explains why your organization does not run multiple
    applications on single UNIX servers...

    a) "Lack of knowledge and expertise, our vendors haven't supplied
    us with much info" ______ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    b) "We think combining apps on single servers will compromise
    availability" ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    c) "We don't understand how this can or will save money or
    management effort" ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    d) "Our UNIX apps are running well right now, we don't want to
    change anything" ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    e) "We simply don't have the cycles to make major changes right
    now" ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    f) "Where's the beef? What do we get out of this stuff?"
    ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    g) "UNIX operating systems/hardware are not sophisticated enough to
    run multiple apps" ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    h) "There's too much political BS in our organization, everyone
    owns their own servers and will not agree to move their app onto a box
    they don't own outright or have complete use of" ________
    (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)

    i) "UNIX management and accounting tools are not up to the task of
    metering individual app usage or making sure service levels are
    maintained" ________ (5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree)


    We know our simple survey won't capture everything you can tell us
    - so please give us any additional thoughts or comments you have on
    this issue. If we didn't ask a question we should have asked or asked
    a dumb question, here's where you can let us know.
    (Comments space)

    If you would like to receive the free (cheap, shabby) gift we mentioned
    above, please give us your name and mailing address below. The gifts
    will be sent out 3-4 weeks after the survey closes. If you would be
    willing to participate in a short follow-up phone interview, please
    include your daytime phone number. We will keep this information
    strictly confidential and not share it with any outside party.
    (Contact info space)

    Remember to email your completed survey to


    Thank you again for participating in our survey, we appreciate your
    GCG, Jul 15, 2004
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