Multiple Copies of iPhone Apps?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Davoud, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Davoud

    Davoud Guest

    10.5.7, latest updates to everything.

    When I download an app update through iTunes it frequently does not
    overwrite the earlier version(s) in the iTunes/Mobile Applications
    folder. The worst case I have seen to date is three copies of the same
    app in the Mobile Applications folder.

    I have cases in which one copy displays a version # and the other does
    not--and "Get Info" shows the same creation and modification dates for
    both copies (and also shows no version # for the one that does not show
    a version # in its name in the finder). That makes it impossible for me
    to determine which is the latest copy.

    Multiple copies also show up in the Applications list in iTunes, and,
    in some cases, in the sync window, with both copies check-marked for
    sync. I find this confusing.

    I find it annoying that some apps have different names in the Finder
    than they have in iTunes. That's not a problem in a hypothetical case
    in which one is a Major-League Baseball app another watches ebay
    auctions; they will have names on the iPhone that cannot be confused
    But when I have two apps with similar names and purposes, and each has
    two different names--one in the Finder and one in iTunes, that's

    Finally, it annoys me that applications that I do not wish to have
    synched sometimes show in the synch list as checked, and some apps that
    I intend to always remain checked lose their check-marks. It is
    necessary for me to go through the list each time I synch to ensure
    that I am not going to add apps that I don't want and remove apps that
    I want. I should not have to do that.

    I don't find much help on this issue in Apple Discussions. "Delete the
    duplicate apps." Great advice if one can tell which is the original. In
    any case, I should not have to do that. I'm supposed to be the
    intellectual, the Mac the drudge worker (a nod to IBM's slogan "People
    should think. Machines should work."

    I would be curious as to who is responsible for these issues--I would
    guess app vendors who are careless and some incurious people at Apple
    for not noticing what's going on.

    Davoud, Jul 13, 2009
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  2. Davoud

    Guest Guest

    i've seen the same thing. if you select the app in itunes and do a
    command-r it will reveal which app is the real one. you can then delete
    the others. or just ignore it, since most apps are tiny. they haven't
    fixed this bug in a year, so it's not likely they are in any rush and
    you might as well not obsess over it.
    for some reason, the finder mod dates get updated every so often, but
    only some apps. it's very strange. apps i don't even sync and haven't
    been updated in months have today's mod date. why? what changed??
    that i have not seen.
    that's actually a *huge* problem, and apps even have different names
    between the grid view of apps and the scrolling list when syncing.
    that makes for a lot of fun picking which one is which. the finder
    names are often different as well, but that's not a big deal since i
    rarely look in that folder.

    i've also seen apps that lose their icon in itunes (it shows a generic
    icon) and are no longer associated with any file. that's always fun to
    fix since the finder name isn't necessarily the same as the itunes name
    so i don't know which app to drag back in.

    i've also seen phantom updates where it tells me there are updates, but
    when i click there are none. or it lists updates that are not available
    in my region but then the 'download all' button won't work because 'one
    or more items cannot be downloaded.' why list it as an update if it is
    *not* *available* ?
    once, i did a sync and every single app had a check for some reason
    (several hundred). there was no way to get itunes to match what was on
    the device, so i had to manually go through the list and pick which
    apps i wanted by looking on the device, one by one. what fun that was,
    especially since the names on the device didn't match what was listed
    in itunes, and several having the *same name*.
    i think people have just given up and just accept the fact that it's
    how are app vendors careless? with 60k apps there will be name
    duplication, there's no way to avoid that. well there is, but then
    apple would be rejecting apps only because of the name. itunes needs
    to handle it properly.

    app handling in itunes is atrocious. it clearly was slapped together
    with minimal thought, and in a year, has yet to be fixed. like the
    finder, either nobody at apple notices how bad it is, or if they do,
    they don't give a hoot.
    Guest, Jul 13, 2009
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