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Multiple screens, multiple accounts and desktop icons

Discussion in 'ATI' started by André Gulliksen, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. I am running XP Pro. I have set up two user accounts: One for myself, and
    one for my girlfriend. I have a Radeon-based video card with VGA, DVI and TV
    outlets. A monitor is hooked to the VGA and a TV is hooked to the TV-out.

    Depending on what the computer is used for, I mainly switch between three
    different setups: 1) Monitor as primary display, TV as clone. 2) TV as
    primary display, monitor as clone. 3) Monitor as primary display, with
    desktop extended to the TV.

    Changing between these setups are usually done from my user account. On both
    accounts the desktop icons are set up to be sorted automatically by name. My
    icons stay in place, but my girlfriend has complained that her desktop icons
    keep moving all over the place. Sometimes they are neatly lined along the
    left edge of the screen, other times they are jumbled all over the screen,
    and today she could not even find her icons: It turned out they were all
    placed on the TV!

    I do not know if it is related, but I have also noted one other thing: When
    I set the TV to be used as a secondary display, I cannot set it to
    resolutions below 800x600 (any way to override this, BTW?). But when I
    shutdown and reboot, the TV display suddenly has a resolution of 640x480.

    Does anybody know what I should do to keep my girls icons in place?
    André Gulliksen, Jan 12, 2005
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  2. André Gulliksen

    Mangyrat Guest

    Mangyrat, Jan 13, 2005
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