MV42N Mobo and AGP

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Kimbo, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Kimbo

    Kimbo Guest


    I have a Shuttle MV42N motherboard with a Celeron 2.4 processor
    and 512 Meg DDR ram.

    I am trying to install a Triplex Radeon 9200SE 128 meg AGP card into
    the system but cannot get it to work at all.

    Whenever I put the card in, the computer will not boot and there is no
    graphics at all, I have tried disabling the onboard graphics but the
    only choice in the bios is Primary Graphics option Onboard or PCI.

    I have scoured the news groups and have found some posts from people
    who had the same problem, but no results as to how they were solved.

    Is there an issue with this motherboard and adding a AGP card to it, I
    have tried everything, but nothing works, the computer will not boot
    up properly while there is a card in the AGP slot.

    Any help would be appreciated, or have I just wasted $99 on a card I
    wont be able to use.

    Kimbo, Aug 17, 2004
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