Discussion in 'FIC' started by cranialflatulence, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Short Version:
    Anyone successfully have MVP3 chipset, Rage 128, running Multimedia Center
    7.2 and DVD 5.0?

    Long Version:
    I have a ATI Rage Fury and wanted to keep up to date with latest drivers,
    followed links...driver has not changed (4.12.6277 - is latest MVP
    Wanted to upgrade from DVD 4.1/File Player 7.0 to DVD 5.0/MultimediaCenter
    Instructions say Multimedia 7.2 should be installed b4 DVD 5.0
    Start installing Multimedia 7.2
    instructions indicate RAGE 128 products require an XP display driver,
    available from ATI at,
    my fear is that the "XP" display driver is not MVP friendly. Anyone tried

    Peripheral info
    BIOS part number 113-51901-104
    ASIC type Rage 128
    ASIC ID 5246
    K6-2 400
    FIC PA2013 mobo (MVP3 Chipset)
    cranialflatulence, Mar 5, 2004
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  2. Hee, hee. Nice name.

    I do not have experience with this particular combination, so anyone who does
    trumps me. That having been said, is this the link to the Multimedia Center

    It does say that it requires Windows XP, but then it goes on to say, "This
    software should also function under Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows
    98/SE." The DirectX 8.1 or higher probably does still apply, though.

    Now, when I look at the release notes:

    I see the part where it says that the RAGE 128 requires an XP display driver.
    However, I believe this is just in the context of running the RAGE 128 under
    Windows XP. This version of the Multimedia Center was released around the
    same time as Windows XP, so ATI wanted to make sure that everybody with
    Windows XP was actually using Windows XP drivers for their graphics card.

    I am 99% sure that you do *not* need to use the Windows XP drivers for
    Win98SE. Use the Win98/98SE/ME drivers for that. I think that the release
    notes are just confusing, that is all.

    Hope this helps.

    Alex Zorrilla, Mar 5, 2004
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  3. cranialflatulence

    Alan Guest

    Peripheral info
    the processor isnt fast enough to play dvds... - my k6 2 500 couldnt keep up
    with dvd playin
    nuf said, give up!

    Alan, Mar 5, 2004
  4. Alan,
    Rage Fury video card has hardware DVD decoding. Works great! Now, if i was
    trying to shelp along with software DVD decoding, i'd agree with you.
    cranialflatulence, Mar 6, 2004
  5. cranialflatulence

    Piers James Guest

    I used to have a K6-3+ on an MVP3 board with a Rage Fury Pro, and it ran
    just fine under Win98SE. I got MMC 7 and DVD 5 running OK.
    Piers James, Mar 7, 2004
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