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MWave Enthusiast Rambling Thread

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by klkoehler, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. klkoehler

    klkoehler Guest

    From: "Kevin Koehler" <>
    To: <>
    Subject: Re: [Thinkpad] 760 ED and MIDI
    Date: Sunday, August 27, 2006 3:48 AM

    Hi Mark,
    Here's some things I've been learning about trying to go through about
    Thinkpads, MWave and Midi -
    and hopefully get right...
    I have used my 755CD and 760XD before as Midi sequencers for my Yamaha
    DJX keyboard, it has some nice features but does not really do Duplex
    Pass through Midi the way Yamaha could have made it, so for a keyboard
    selection nowadays you can probably find something good pretty cheap
    just from off of the shelves- unless you want to go way out I suppose
    some pretty good quality could be found with a little homework on the
    web or your local music shop. The MWave software and drivers if set up
    correctly can do pretty good midi. If you know about midi you know some
    things can be done in ways of patch editing type configuration. There
    was a MWave "Extended Midi Set of Wave Voice Patterns that might have
    been designed for the later OEM MWave chipsets cards /Audiovation cards
    or another third party MWave card but If I have the specific MWave card
    in my collection I haven't been able to test to see if one would
    support the extended voice patterns would make any difference- plus In
    looking I haven't found a way to drop them into a existing current
    version MWave setup. Wrongfully most of MWave project was considered by
    some too faulty and obsoleted - that caused- I think an unjust IBM
    lawsuit several years back. Texas Instruments and Motorola sort of took
    off with the idea copied from the IBM DSP idea and are still doing
    pretty well with it- StrongARM and Sharc and other DSP cores sort of
    were derived from it- one of the best designs from Argonaut got dropped
    out too- awhile back. The MWave in my opinion was one of the best ideas
    IBM ever had- I think they should have updated the design on IBM
    copper-mine and made it even faster- and released tools to developers
    to harness that power.
    Now I have a 770Z which for some dumb reason uses a Crystal
    Semiconductor chip by default in the setup for Audio instead of the
    perfectly good MWave- So I would have to risk my current setup to try
    to change it to run the Audio off of the MWave instead of Direct Sound
    Mapped through MS Devices Mappers. or something about the init of the
    MWave drivers so they're there but windows does use the realtime
    protected mode calls or let me use various MPC device calls or
    something- there was a earlier release MWave software version 2.25
    (Maybe) that installed the Midi voice patch set but the most recent
    drivers seem to have left that out and default to the Crystal
    Semiconductor or ESS- which isn't bad Just not enough info on it yet-
    which no longer seems to update the drivers for XP so the sound is
    legacy or generic windows- The System would support 3D Surround and
    other specifications like SRS and Dolby and I think there was some sort
    of Spatialyzer support built into some softwares.. The MWave Modem
    still works in WinXP SP2 and I use that more than my Xircom Carduus and
    It's pretty stable - I could use IP Telephony like Yahoo Messenger
    Voice. I wish there were an update or sound canvas designer pluggin
    patches to the MWave voices that would really make it sound perfect.
    The Playback can sound pretty good from a third party midi player
    softsynth such as Yamaha SYG20. For other software I have used most of
    the tools - Cakewalk and Sound Forge are pretty good, MidiMagix Deluxe
    is good, I have a Van Basco Karaoke player and there are midi player
    plugins for WinAmp, and Windows Media Player for Karaoke, some other
    players like BSPlayer will share these plugins. For a MWave DSP plugin
    for these players I have found none- or any kind of codec to utilize
    the DSP processor. I have Cooledit and Audacity -an open source
    program. I don't have Acid or Fruity Loops but I think some demos I
    had had worked before. I haven't done much DOS midi stuff but there is
    RexxMidi and Perl Midi scripting programs in development. A lot can be
    done with midi controllers - One could control robots, machinery, and
    even household devices with it- someone even had a convertible they
    could drive around wirelessly with a midi setup- all the cars internal
    controls - air conditioning power windows etc could operated remotely
    by midi. With Cubase I think you install some sound fonts but a
    Creative AWE is better with those since I can't remember If I got those
    to work with the MWave running or not since it might have been looking
    for a Sound Blaster or running in Sound Blaster Emulation- which I
    think MWave will do up to a Sound Blaster Pro - I guess more work
    should have been done on this. I have Midi-Ox and Midi-Yoke (software)
    to input-output multiple ports from one program to the other and one
    called Midiplug and Arpx8. If they are still available there are some
    plugin dll programs for MWave midi effects developed by Third party
    ex-MWave Team Developers- to control distortion, arpeggiation and
    timbre or such. Their are Midi joystick programs where you can control
    some midi events from your mouse or joystick and a piano keyboard you
    can play in a window, One program is called Midicolor and shows colors
    on the keyboard when a song is playing. there is a Midi chime program I
    found somewhere. There was a program thay displayed a Kaliedascopic
    pattern that fluctuated by midi notation like Media Player and WinAmp.
    I've seen a Lazer show system that uses the Thinkpad and Sellectadock
    to run the Lasershow- These were usually recorded on some sort of DAT
    Ccartridge- And the Cartridges could be multiplexed and I think
    accessed by Midi type controls for mirrors and other parts of the
    Some good programs are "Mark of the Unicorn" and Finale' and the
    "G-Vox" w/learning systems (that lets you connect a device to your
    acoustic guitar for a derived midi input) and Music or Miditime and
    Midiscan and Intelliscore Polyphonic where you can scan music into midi
    notation or convert an existing wav or other format file. There are
    various Soft-syths now to emulate old Moog and other sound of classic
    synths out there. I especially like one called RubberDuck whose company
    also makes a Drumtrax Midi program.Digitools has a free version now.
    Midinotate ,XGC, Band-in-a-Box, Microsoft Music Producer -which
    requires DirectX 7 or 8 does some ~at the time New Midi 'Blue Ribbon
    Standard' stuff a different take on Midi using Wavelets or such than
    just "General Midi" which uses the "general.idf" file in one of the
    Windows' Config subdirectories-See IDFEdit.. I can't really say how
    good it could sound since I haven't really tried tweaking very much,
    but I believe there is a lot a potential in the 755 series on up if
    more could be done about the MWave as a recognized Midi Musical
    processor- I wish there was one on a PCMCIA card that I just could pop
    into my 770Z and configure with new patches and drivers and midi and
    audio but I guess two MWave chipsets might not be compatible in the
    same system. Then Maybe I could run different MWave versions on each
    Chipset to test..
    klkoehler, Oct 23, 2006
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  2. klkoehler

    obs Guest

    Wrongfully most of MWave project was considered by

    Unjust? I guess you think it is okay for a modem to constantly
    disconnect (no disconnecting with a 3com hardware modem).
    How about the computer running like a turtle whenever you
    use the MWave's EQ settings while online?

    IBM fucked up and they knew it. That's why, before there
    was talk of a lawsuit, they handed out cheques ($250USD)
    to those who complained to them about the MWave. Of
    course once this got out, they stopped doing it.

    MWave may have been a good idea, but it was underpowered.
    in its later years.
    obs, Oct 24, 2006
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  3. klkoehler

    klkoehler Guest

    I have no real problems using MWave at this point compared to any other
    dial-up modem I've ever used. And I like the Audio - Midi and Joystick
    port. They don't even make these anymore. But I believe the Outcry was
    from people whom either did not know how to maintain their cpu's -
    primarily low-techs- or competitors who would not have the edge. You
    see no other DSP solutions in telephony today. Having FAX, Modem Voice
    and Audio in one package should have been their Holy Grail. If they
    would had some patience maybe IBM and others would have done more
    development on the project - Think of what they could of had by now.
    klkoehler, Oct 24, 2006
  4. klkoehler

    obs Guest

    But I believe the Outcry was
    I believe you do not know what you are talking about. You talk of
    using the MWave on a ThinkPad, and that's not what originally started
    off the lawsuit. And if it was just "primarily low-techs" then why did
    IBM part with the money so readily (which was actually $275USD,
    not the $250 I stated earlier)?

    If my MWave was free, maybe I would have had patience. I don't pay
    for products that may pan out ten years later.

    Here's a quote about the MWave:
    "Mwave is a load of junk. Don't fall for it."
    -- http://tedfelix.com/Mwave/index.html
    You can visit his site and decide whether or not he was a low-tech.
    obs, Oct 24, 2006
  5. klkoehler

    klkoehler Guest

    I didn't intend this post to be a volley about how corporations fail in
    the public interest, which they do and wiil seem to continue to since
    the ones that work towards the public often are succumbed by it. So in
    this instance they just said to hell with it and dropped the ball, My
    MWave still works to this day, I can't say that about practically
    anything else I ever purchased 10 or more years ago - can YOU. But if
    there still are convienient sellouts to dig up old graves and speak of
    the dead which they themselves have put in there badly, should not they
    themselves share their fate. I post all of my posts for positive
    reasons and expect others that post replys to respect that. By putting
    your bitch statements in a thread you realize you offend the others who
    might have had something positive to contribute- innocently and in a
    kindly manner. If you will still put flames to MWave then if you want
    to know my opinion- you probably panned out ten years ago.
    I am not a troll dammit! I AM an Artist!!
    klkoehler, Oct 24, 2006
  6. klkoehler

    obs Guest

    Dude, if that was all you wanted to do, you should have left out your
    opinion about how the lawsuit was unjust. Why even have mentioned
    the lawsuit at all? Maybe you should look at yourself in regards to
    making "bitch comments" before pointing to others.

    As for the MWave still working ten years later, why don't you ask
    yourself why IBM stopped using the MWave for BOTH audio and modem?
    It sure wasn't because they were too low tech to get it working

    My 10+ year old stereo still works perfectly today : ) ... turntable,
    cassette deck, cd player, and two speakers. Imagine that, something
    other than the MWave working for over ten years.

    Maybe someone would have contributed to this thread if I wasn't making
    "bitch comments" and maybe they threw out the MWave a long time ago
    because the "MWave is a load of junk."
    obs, Oct 25, 2006
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