MX4GVR - Can I put " 1GB (1024MB) PC2100 DDR SDRAM - 128x64 - 2.5 Volt - 184 Pin DIMM " Memory in i

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by steve mew, May 28, 2004.

  1. steve mew

    steve mew Guest

    I found a great deal on memory at but am unsure if I can use

    The specs are as follows :

    OEM 1GB PC2100

    a.. CAS 3 Latency (Least Expensive)
    b.. 4 Layer Module Board
    c.. 128x4 DRAM Type
    d.. OEM DRAM Chips
    e.. Return Shipping Not Paid
    f.. 25% Restocking Fee
    g.. Verify Compatibility Before Purchase
    h.. 15 Day Warranty
    i.. No Return For Refund After 7 Days
    This part uses 128x4 DRAM Chips and will only work in SIS 648, 648FX, 746FX
    & VIA KT600 & PT800 Chipsets - If you have a different chipset - we strongly
    recommend a module built with 64x8 DRAM Chips(Both our Major Brand & Atlas
    Precision modules use 64x8 DRAM Chips)

    Will 2 X 1Gb strips work on my board [Aopen MX4GVR ] ?


    steve mew, May 28, 2004
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  2. steve mew

    c Guest

    More than likely, no. This high density RAM seems to not work with most
    Intel chipsets for whatever reason. I'm sure someone who knows the ins and
    outs of motherboard and chipset design could explain it. Normally if they
    don't include your motherboard chipset in the compatibility list, there is a
    reason for it. I would also be quite leery of a 15 day warranty and 25%
    restocking fee on any memory purchase.

    c, May 28, 2004
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