My good Dell experience of the week (have to have balance)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Tom Scales, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    We have an Inspiron 9300 purchased as a refurb last summer. Right now it is
    my daughters (13 years old) and it developed a really annoying buzz last
    week. I called support and they walked me through troubleshooting and then
    agreed it needed to be repaired. This was last Thursday.

    On Friday, a box arrives via DHL. The driver asks if I want her to wait
    while I box it up. Since it still works and there isn't a point in my
    daughter losing the weekend, I decline.

    Monday morning, I pack it up and call DHL. They pick it up late Monday,
    about 6:30pm.

    I just did an online chat to find out the status. They said it was repaired
    and DHL had it with an esimated arrival of tomorrow.

    Pretty good -- three days.

    Or so I thought.

    While I was typing this the doorbell rang and they delivered it.

    36 hours round-trip.

    They replaced the video card and also thought the logo on the front was
    faded, so they replaced that too.

    So, an original phone call with less than 1 minute wait time.
    36 hour round-trip fix.

    I guess Dell support can be good, can't it.

    Tom Scales, Mar 29, 2006
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  2. Tom Scales

    S.Lewis Guest

    That's my experience, generally. I've had one bad one and perhaps 7-8 good
    ones in the last 2 years.
    S.Lewis, Mar 29, 2006
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  3. Tom Scales

    BigJim Guest

    had trouble with a keyboard on a notebook called on Wednesday and the new
    keyboard was delivered on Thursday.
    BigJim, Mar 29, 2006
  4. Tom Scales

    journey Guest

    Yes, I have had nothing but good experiences with Dell repairs. They
    even have upgraded the bios when doing something like repairing a

    journey, Mar 29, 2006
  5. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    Well, of course, I have access to the dedicated Dellbot 800 number.
    Tom Scales, Mar 29, 2006
  6. Tom Scales

    Rose Guest

    I am so envious!
    wonder then if it is UK service that is bad. Front line is no problem,
    the chat room +e mail are generally good despite my hiccup over the
    weekend but somewhere between them and the delivery man things go
    dreadfully wrong.
    Any Brits with goood tales reading this?
    Rose, Mar 29, 2006
  7. You know you've been looking at machine upgrades too long when you see
    this and think to yourself "13 years, that must really be obsolete!"
    William P.N. Smith, Mar 30, 2006
  8. Tom Scales

    Hank Arnold Guest

    OK.... Your membership in the DellBot club has been renewed. Welcome
    back! ;-)

    Hank Arnold
    Hank Arnold, Mar 30, 2006
  9. Tom Scales

    RD Guest

    My first computer didn't have a hard drive and I updated the memory to a
    whoppin' 64k. I think the OS was dos 1.1 or something close. other
    words, I've owned a lot of computers, and I'll have to say my experience
    with the Dells has been the best of all, especially in the servicablilty of
    the computers. Never needed a lot of tech support, but when I did they were
    at least helpful and their english is getting better.
    RD, Apr 2, 2006
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