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My laptop is turning off automatically

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Lukas276, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Lukas276

    Lukas276 Guest

    I've got Toshiba ea60-191 laptop with windows xp system.
    After 60 mins working, laptop automatically is turning off.
    Can anybody help me?
    Sorry for my English.
    Lukas276, Jul 3, 2006
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  2. Lukas276

    Tony Guest

    Even when mains powered?

    Can you be using it at the time it goes off?

    Does it just go off, or does windows shutdown properly?
    Tony, Jul 3, 2006
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  3. Lukas276

    Lukas276 Guest

    Yes. It doesn't matter battery or main power.
    Windows is not shutdown, just go off.

    It looks like overheating.
    But I've got no idea :(
    It is 13 months old laptop :(
    Lukas276, Jul 3, 2006
  4. Lukas276

    max Guest

    When my daughter's Dell does this, I take it outside and blow the dust
    out of the fan and cooling vents. Works fine after this.

    Does it restart automatically or stay shut down? If it restarts
    automatically, you could have a bad memory problem causing a
    spontaneous reboot.

    There's a memory tester at http://www.memtest.org/ that can tell you
    if this is an issue.

    max, Jul 4, 2006
  5. Lukas276

    Lukas276 Guest

    Not, it doesn't restart. It stay sthut down, and after 20 mins I can
    use it again.

    I will try with vacuum cleaner.
    I hope it will help.
    Lukas276, Jul 4, 2006
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