My New Dell Inspiron 6000 Died (rant)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Brad, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Brad

    Brad Guest

    My new Dell Inspiron 6000 died onboard a flight to LAS last Saturday the
    14th, it was working fine at the terminal gate at CMH, but when I turned
    it on, about an hour into the flight, it booted extremely slow. I was
    running Google's Picasa2 when it crashed. Blue screen came up, corrupted
    file at: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM, and says you might be able to
    repair it with the OS CD (Xp MCE 2005), of course I left my os disk at

    The ensuing call(s), on hold, waiting time, to Dells service was a
    horrendous nightmare, I want to say that I'm not a bigot or hateful
    person to anyone, but Dell's Indian service reps were so inept at
    service and knowledge it should be a crime, a sad statement for one of
    the worlds biggest computer companies. I was transferred to 4 different
    reps, the first rep wanted me to do a system restore, hold down the Fn
    key and tap F11 while booting, that did absolutely nothing, but she
    insisted that I retry the procedure about 6 times.... So then I got
    transferred to another Indian accent person, she spoke so fast that I
    could not understand her at all and I requested another person....I
    ended up speaking to an American, but they couldn't find my warranty
    info in their system so I got transferred again this time to another
    rep, being so frustrated by this time I just wanted to return it and she
    told me I could after I got back home from my trip. I left the service
    call in limbo till I could figure for myself what was wrong with the

    So on Monday the 16th I took it to a local computer store in the city I
    was staying at so they could test it, and left instructions for them not
    to fix it until they called me, as it was under warranty and under the
    21 days return period and didn't want anything done to void it. I was
    hoping all it would need was the os system reinstalled, but
    unfortunately as it turned out, the hard drive had failed.

    I borrowed an old Dell I8100 from a friend to use the rest of the trip.
    On Tues. evening after getting back to the motel, I called the Deli
    service again, I also want to say I had no luck what so ever to connect
    to an online chat person during the entire trip. On this call I was on
    hold for about 30 minutes, I got connected to a service rep told her I
    found out the hdd failed and wanted to return the computer, she said she
    would extend the return period if I would let a Hardware rep
    troubleshoot and fix the problem, I agreed and she transferred me to the
    HW rep. an Indian of course, I explained to him what I had found out and
    he wanted to me to run some diagnostics, CLICK the phone when dead, we
    were cut off, ****!, I don't know if it was Dell or the motel phone
    system but I immediately called back, only to find out the service
    center had closed for the day!.....would have to wait till morning..

    Morning came and at 7 am mtn time I call the HW dept., and GODD DAMM! a
    good ole American guy answered the phone by the name of Paul!. A very
    professional and pleasant person, of course I couldn't hardly believe my
    ears and not once did I have to ask, would you please repeat that!, he
    verified who I was,(seems like the umpteenth time I had to do that!)
    took the case number I had been given, and he asked for a phone number
    he could call me back at if we got disconnected and asked for my email
    address also. I proceeded to tell him I found out the HDD had failed, he
    wanted to confirm, asked me to turn the computer on and hold the Fn key
    at the same time to start Boot Diagnostics, a second or two later the
    IDE Status Test confirmed the HDD had FAILED, ERROR CODE: 1000-0146.
    Paul immediately explained he would send me a new HDD, and asked if I
    had any important info on the old disk, when I told him no, nothing that
    couldn't be replaced easily he said good and began to explain the
    procedure to install the new HDD and return the old one. He said it
    would have all the software installed and would be like just it just
    came out of the box. He reconfirmed my email so he could send a
    confirmation of the service call. THIS CALL TOOK NO MORE THAN 15
    MINUTES!! I felt completely satisfied with the American service rep.

    I can't understand why Dell or any American company thinks they are
    ahead by outsourcing services. As I said before I have nothing against
    Indians but they should be left to help the customers service Dell
    computers sold in India. I still feel very frustrated over the whole
    experience and am thinking of sending the computer back to Dell even
    after I receive the new hdd, which is scheduled to arrive on Monday the

    BTW, does anyone know why a harddrive would fail by being taken on a flight?



    PS, Did anyone else see LENO on Wendsday night?
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    Brad, Jan 22, 2006
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  2. Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, but chances are unless the
    laptop got severely bumped in your bag, being on the flight was merely a
    coincidence. HDD's usually fail immediately (as in your case) or last a
    few years.
    Nicholas Andrade, Jan 22, 2006
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  3. Brad

    Kevin Guest

    Snipping for brevity -----------

    I can understand your frustration, but you must also understand that
    outsourcing is here to stay. Companies like Dell, HP and Sony are saving
    tens of millions of dollars a year by using offshore call centers to handle
    their technical support. They are not going to reverse their current
    policies and give up those millions of dollars in savings. If they do, you
    can expect to see those incredibly low prices on computers we now enjoy to
    go up significantly.
    Kevin, Jan 22, 2006
  4. Be VERY careful. You will get Dellslapped by a DellBot for posting
    things of this nature. Keep your guard up for Tom, Hank, Jupiter, Notan,
    Ben, et al.
    Administrator, Jan 22, 2006
  5. Brad

    D Guest

    Hard drives fail because of shock...being knocked around,
    briefcase/suitcase/carrier/whatever dropped or thrown up and slammed
    down onto the x-ray belt, carrier/whatever shoved into the overseat
    compartment...there's a million ways to destroy a hard drive. A very
    un-suprising failure in a laptop.

    Ever seen the IBM commercial where the guy drops the laptop off the
    diner counter, then says "check please"? There's a very good reason
    he gets out of there in a hurry.
    D, Jan 22, 2006
  6. So typical of you.
    Name calling and insults from you with nothing of substance to contribute.
    You can not even back up simple statements you make.

    You should change your name and stop trying to fool those new here since you
    obviously administrate nothing..
    Jupiter Jones, Jan 22, 2006
  7. Brad

    Markeau Guest

    I upgraded my notebook with a new Toshiba 60GB drive, but it failed
    within 6 months, and yes the few days before it failed the notebook
    ran very, very slow. (Luckily I do weekly drive image backups so was
    able to restore almost everything).

    The previous 12GB Fujitsu drive is still working fine (now in an
    external enclosure) lasting over 5yrs so far. Now I'm trying a new
    Seagate 120GB - hopefully it will last longer.
    Markeau, Jan 22, 2006
  8. Perhaps you should change your name as well. May I suggest "plagiarizer"
    Administrator, Jan 22, 2006
  9. There you go making that false accusation again.
    And yet you still cannot produce anything to support the claim.
    Since you are unable to back up you accusations, slander fits what you do.
    That is not name calling, it describes what you clearly do since you make
    baseless claims.
    Jupiter Jones, Jan 22, 2006
  10. Brad

    dannysdailys Guest

    My new Dell Inspiron 6000 died onboard a flight to LAS last Saturda
    The trip didn't damage the drive, assuming you didn't do anything to
    it. It's just a bad drive. A bad drive will almost always go within
    the first month. After that, you don't have to worry about it.

    Sorry to hear about your experience with Dell. That's why their
    customer satasfaction ratings are diving for the toilet.

    dannysdailys, Jan 23, 2006
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