MY SN41G2 V.2 Fails to boot at post.

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by michael, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. michael

    michael Guest

    The only way i can get it to boot is to clear the cmos everytime i
    want to start and then the computer will go through the "POST" test
    and then give me an error message saying "please re-setting the cpu
    memory frequence fgegrg in the cmos"
    then it says "floppy disk failed" then "System is now in safe mode" -
    Defaults loaded" after that it will ask if i wanna enter the cmos
    or i want to continue to boot up ..

    I don't wanna and also dont think i should have to re set the damn
    cmos everytime i want to boot up .. has anyone had this problem ?
    doesanyone know how to fix it ? please help me .. i'm dying here with
    this damn thing ...

    my email is : also .. for anyone that can help
    me with this i offer up to 6 gmail invites for helping me ... but your
    solution has to get it fixed ... no advice .. i need someone who knows
    what i have to do to fix it ..

    TIA !

    - mike
    michael, Oct 15, 2004
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  2. michael

    SimonG Ltd. Guest

    Have you been into the BIOS and set your CPU frequency ? What CPU are you
    using ? Are you overclocking ?

    cheers, Simon
    SimonG Ltd., Oct 17, 2004
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