My 'sunshine' story - Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Platinum ed

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Jann Mikkelsen, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Greetings,

    I got my soyo kt333 wayyyyy back, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I
    could still convince myself that I looked younger than my actual age.

    From day one it tried really hard to give me an ulcer and/or a heart attack.
    No matter what I did I couldnt get I to run stable. I did not engage in any
    kind of overclocking or other fancy stuff that them youngsters do.
    For me overclocking means advancing your clock one hour come daylight
    After searching around the net and usenet, I found out that 'a lot' of
    people had had similar problems to my own. Only solution seemed to be
    disabling the onboard sound. Already owning a Soundblaster sound card I
    never intended to use the onboard sound anyway, so I disabled it. Now I
    could actually get it to run for at little longer without freezing up or
    crashing on me.
    However everytime I tried using the fancy little front thingy, with the usb2
    and card readers, everything would go sour on me again. So I disconnected
    this one also, and disabled usb2, instead using a usb2 PCI card.

    Now it actually ran smoothly. Untill i started playing games. A few of them
    would make it crash or freeze up or blue screen and reboot. Given that this
    was online rpgs, and it usually happened when the action was at its highest,
    it very quickly became very annoying. So I started searching the net and
    usenet again, and asking around. Most people talked about Graphic Card
    driver issues or cpu temperatures or power supplies or bad ram. I thought
    that maybe I could actually narrow down the problem, and started searching
    for some test programs for each specific part. I got one for the cpu and one
    for memory. I never got any further because the cpu test program would make
    the computer reboot after approx one hour. I then changed the fsb from 133
    to 100, and now the test program ran without a problem through the night.
    All well and good, only problem being that I'd paid for a 2100+, not a

    Only thing I could think about with the cpu that I could do anything about
    would be either a bigger psu or trying to lower the temperature. Before
    doing anything to complicated or expensive, I decided to try something
    simple first - cooling paste.
    And presto, the the test program ran through the night with the fsb at 133
    without crashing. Off course I had to do some more serious indepth testing,
    so I spend most part of my sunday playing online games, and not once did it
    freeze, crash or reboot.
    And all it took was a 6$ purchase. And a couple of years of serious swearing
    and cussing.

    But now that the computer is actually running stable, its no fun anymore,
    guess I'll have to get myself a new ulcerinducing mobo.

    Any suggestions ??

    Jann Mikkelsen, Oct 4, 2004
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  2. Jann Mikkelsen

    Ken Marsh Guest


    #But now that the computer is actually running stable, its no fun anymore,
    #guess I'll have to get myself a new ulcerinducing mobo.

    #Any suggestions ??

    Any Soyo MB with a non-Intel chipset should fit the bill, the more features
    the better (the better the ulcer, that is).

    Ken Marsh, Oct 18, 2004
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