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My Thinkpad X40's frame is not flush with the screen - anyone else?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Anonymous User, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. I just noticed today that my new X40's screen has a small gap where it
    enters the frame on the bottom. Also, the piece of plastic over the
    status lights below the screen appears to be peeling away. All in all,
    it looks like the bottom part of the case is not 100% flat, but
    slightly warped/bowed out (when I look down from the top of the
    screen, I can see the edge of the LCD itself where it rests against
    the inside of the frame).

    I'm just about at my 30 day return period, and I'm a bit of a
    perfectionist. This problem doesn't ruin anything, but for the price I
    paid for this thing, I'd think details like this would be watched by
    IBM. Also, I don't like the idea of dust or random bits of stuff
    falling between the screen and the frame.

    Anyone else have these problems? And would you think it's worth
    returning to IBM if they would replace it for a new one? I've only
    got 1 bad pixel in this one, and would worry about getting a unit with
    more of them, or more warping, etc.
    Anonymous User, Jun 20, 2004
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  2. Anonymous User

    ted.ffrater Guest

    Interesting what you say about the poor build quality.
    Id register a complaint with IBM asap. the reason? IBM dont make their
    laptops anymore, and once they start down this road, the production is
    out of their day to day control. Whoever did the injection moulding may
    have used an inferionr plastic, or the design team may have missed the
    dimension there, and consequently the lack of material will be there
    till the moulding die is deepened.
    now my guess is that they IBM are now building down to a price, not
    up to a quality like theyused to do.
    Over here in the UK IBM will honour a warranty IF the point at issue is
    registered on their system before the warranty runs out.

    Keep us all posted as to your progress.
    ted.ffrater, Jun 20, 2004
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  3. Anonymous User

    Rick Guest

    The peeling plastic over the status lights is likely protective and meant to
    be removed much like what's over the screen of a new cellphone. The fact
    that you've got a warped/bowed screen may just be something not properly
    snapped together. I'd place a service call. If you're in the US the number
    to call is 1-800-772-2227.

    Rick, Jun 21, 2004
  4. Anonymous User

    Guest Guest

    No, the plastic of the status display ITSELF is peeling
    off. I noticed the glue coming off behind it.
    And that I shall -- I called support today and they
    told me to call Sales.

    - Tim

    Guest, Jun 21, 2004
  5. Anonymous User

    Guest Guest

    Hi Rick...

    Did you see the message where I said the actual display MASK (the plastic
    that has the status icons on it itself), not a covering piece, is what's
    peeling off?

    Anyway, that's no longer the number to call (according to the recorded
    message on it), just so you know.

    Anyway, I spoke with Tech Support and Cust Support, and both said there's
    nothing they can do short of returning it and replacing it, and they
    can't do any special check on a new unit to see if it has the same
    defects. I asked how I could make a complaint, and they said all they
    could do was add the complaint to my order history.

    Do you know of any way I could makea high-level complaint about
    build quality? Someone who has something to do with liasing with the
    company they outsource the building of laptops to?

    - Tim

    Guest, Jun 21, 2004
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