Mysterious restarts after normal shutdown.

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by foldercarb, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. foldercarb

    foldercarb Guest

    I have a Gateway E-4650 which powers itself back up within a minute o
    two after performing a normal shutdown (Start\shutdown).

    Any ideas
    foldercarb, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. foldercarb

    TR Guest

    You never did say what your operating system was. I will go on the
    assumption that it is XP. Are you REALLY sure that it is completely
    shut down when it does this restart and not just stuck in a
    nonresponsive mode with the screen blank, making it appear that it has
    actually shut down?

    The reason I ask is that this behavior may occur if Windows stops
    responding during a typical operation or during the shutdown process.
    By default, the computer is configured to automatically restart when
    Windows stops responding. To view this setting, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Start button, right-click My Computer, click Properties,
    click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under Startup and

    2. Under System Failure, view the Automatically restart check box. If
    the Automatically restart check box is selected, Windows automatically
    restarts if the computer stops unexpectedly.

    The default is set to Automatically Restart if windows stops

    Uncheck this and see if it restarts/boots itself in a few minutes. If
    that keeps it from restarting/booting, then you know that you have
    other issues that are causing windows to become nonresponsive during
    shutdown and the above is taking over and starting you back up. Also,
    if unchecking this option does let windows go on and shut down, that
    does NOT fix the problem, it only shows that windows had stopped
    responding during the shutdown and this option took over and restarted
    windows. So the there is still a problem to locate and fix.

    Try this first and let us know.

    TR, Mar 2, 2005
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  3. foldercarb

    pengulin Guest

    But now if your computer is actually shutting down and powering completely
    off when it does, the problem has to be a hardware issue. I doubt it would
    actually be the motherboard or power supply, because issues would manifest
    in different ways (e.g. the system would unexpectedly shut down or reboot
    while the computer was powered up). It would be likely that you have some
    kind of misalignment with the front bezel and the power switch, where the
    bezel may be putting some pressure on the power switch, and at random times,
    it's just enough pressure to turn the machine on. It could also be a problem
    with the power switch itself. I'm not sure of the exact case configuration
    on your model. But one way to test the bezel theory is to take the bezel
    off, and leave it off long enough to determine if the problem recurrs. The
    Bezel of course (if your not sure what I'm talking about) is techspeak for
    the front plastic decorative cover on your system case. It usually covers
    your actual power switch, and sometimes the drive bays. The power switch you
    see on the bezel and use to turn on the computer is actually a mechanical
    extension with a tiny control arm that will push in on the actual switch.The
    problem that you are having very often occurs when that control arm is in
    some way misaligned with the switch, but can also occur when the switch
    itself is damaged. Good luck.
    pengulin, Mar 3, 2005
  4. Check your BIOS (CMOS setup during boot) and try disabling "Wake on LAN"
    or anything similar relating to your modem. It could be that network
    traffic is waking it up.
    David Efflandt, Mar 3, 2005
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