NEC 3500 A or Plextor PX716A DVD burner

Discussion in 'Asus' started by consumer, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. consumer

    consumer Guest

    Which of these two drives are recommended?
    NEC 3500 A
    Plextor PX 716 DVD burner

    I have problems with Plextor CD-RW burners. Two are gone already,
    same model Plextor 40/12/40A PX W4012TA, second one is a replacement
    from warrenty, but also gone.

    How reliable are these burners?
    Do they record as the maximum advertised speed provided compatible
    CD-R (RW)s
    are used?

    Does NEC have burn proof technology?

    Both drives work with Windwos 98 First edition???

    Any other recommendations on other drives?

    Appreciate any inputs!
    consumer, Jan 18, 2005
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  2. NEC3520
    (I don't think you can even get a 3500A)

    It is a rather quiet drive. Very popular and one of the cheapest.
    Further there are a lot of modified firmwares for it. Look here:
    sure, even the 2500A I use have it. This 2500A has been converted to a
    2510 with double layer and bitsetting, by pirate firmware from Herrie.
    Ups, why not.
    If you can get a burner software that can win98. It's from the
    You know: a dvd-drive requires no drivers, if you don't boot on dos.
    Then the windows 98 startup floppy has a standard driver that can be
    used for CD-mode (not DVD I suppose).
    There should be a burner (pioneer or plextor) that supports double
    layer on minus dvd-discs that will come on the market soon. Else all
    use double layer discs of plus-standard.

    Some says that Nec 3520 support these new discs, but I am not so sure.
    It will probably come in future firmwares even from NEC. They normally
    throw a drive on the market fast and improve firmware accordingly.

    best regards

    JK (at mail dot dk), Jan 18, 2005
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