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need advice choosing video card for a new system

Discussion in 'ATI' started by dhir, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. dhir

    dhir Guest

    hey to all ,
    this is my first post. I am plannin on building a gaming desktop for
    myself . these are a few parts that i have thought of fitting.
    450 power supply.
    athlon 2700+
    dfi nforce2 lan party mobo
    512 corsair or ocz low latency 2700 ddr ram
    9800 pro or FX5900

    now my question is why do all those nvidia cards have big ass cooling
    systems while ati only uses puny fans on the GPU. its seems that ati runs a
    lot cooler or ati doesnt care if the temps get a little high. the only ati
    9800 pro card that i have come across which had a good cooling was hercules
    9800 pro which had a badass fan and heatsinks on the memory modules as well.
    does anyone have that card already or can tell me something about its
    performance and stuff or u think i should get a 9700 pro which would
    definitely be cheaper than 9800 pro and they arent that different as well.

    [D.A.][email protected]#Bourne
    "To kill or not to kill .......... that is the question"
    dhir, Sep 1, 2003
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  2. dhir

    Ben Pope Guest

    I'd grab a Barton 2500+ and overclock it.
    nForce2 yes... df who?
    Get PC3200 and whack the FSB up to 200MHz.
    I quite like my Crucial 9800 Pro.
    Thats a very good question... not one I've thought about.

    The ATI R350 core is fabbed at 0.15micron with about 107Million transistors
    and clocked at 380MHz
    The NV35 core is fabbed at 0.13micron, but has 130million transistors and
    clocked at 450Mhz.

    Based on that info, I really wouldn't expect that much difference in
    temps... the smaller process (usually) means that it will run cooler, but
    the increase in transistors and clock speed tend to balance that.
    I got the 9800 Pro over the 9700 because the pixel and vertex shaders are
    better... I'm hoping this will start coming into effect with HL2 and Doom3.

    I replaced my PIII 450 with Voodoo3 a couple of weeks ago... my hardware
    tends to last :)

    All I can say is that the 9800 Pro runs bloody hot... with a Zalman ZM80A-HP
    (490g of aluminium - some serious heatsink) on there, and the side off the
    case, it was too hot to hold onto for more than 10 seconds. Side is back on
    the case with a fan blowing across the top of it - haven't checked it's temp
    since, but expect it to be more manageable.

    Ben Pope, Sep 1, 2003
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  3. thanx for ur advice. DFI is an upcoming mobo making company and according to
    www.tomshardware.com it won the competition between ten athlon mobos. i was
    thinking of getting an asus mobo but this has more features in it so i am
    going to get this. but is 3200 worth the extra money coz i read the reviews
    and at some points 2700 actually beats 3200 in the tests.
    [D.A][email protected]#Bourne, Sep 1, 2003
  4. dhir

    Ben Pope Guest

    Not if you run the FSB at 200MHz as well.

    If you run RAM and FSB out of sync (e.g., FSB at 166, RAM at 200) then
    yeah - you can get a degradation in performance. But with an nForce2, there
    is no reason to do that, just run the FSB and RAM at 200MHz - then adjust
    the multiplier to your preference.

    Ben Pope, Sep 1, 2003
  5. dhir

    J.Clarke Guest

    Actually, DFI (Diamond Flower International) is an old and
    well-established manufacturer. Way back in the mid '80s when I was
    moonlighting building machines for the local cloneworks the owner bought
    "white box" boards from a number of suppliers. There was one particular
    board that we, the techs, liked because it always worked and never gave
    us any trouble. Those boards had a quality control sticker different
    from the ones on any other board we encountered, so we took to calling
    them "QC boards". Some time later when DFI started selling branded
    hardware in the US I came across one of their boards and there was that

    I've still never had a problem with a DFI board, however they have
    typically been priced somewhat above the market. If that has
    changed recently that would be good to know.

    DFI is not as well known as some of the other manufacturers because they
    have never been particularly aggressive about the retail market.
    J.Clarke, Sep 2, 2003
  6. dhir

    Bratboy Guest

    LOL, DFI has been around for some time, 15 yrs or so at least hehe its not
    Up n Coming hehe. I bought boards from em yrs ago. The boards I got thru
    them were all good performers in my case at least.
    Bratboy, Sep 3, 2003
  7. oops !!! my bad ppl . obviously u can tell that my knowledge in the pc
    history is comparable to that of Ali G. but talk about the latest stuff . i
    found out that i can flash the bios of a 9800 non pro to 9800 pro without
    any probs. man its like a birthday present or a fantasy come true . i drool
    getting dreams of playing counter strike with a steady fps of 100 .
    [D.A][email protected]#Bourne, Sep 4, 2003
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