Need BIOS for GW2K Hitman MB

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by mdp, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. mdp

    mdp Guest

    I have a GW Hitman motherboard made by Intel, marked as MBDSAC057AAWW and is
    described here:

    The BIOS in there now is 1.00.07.DQOT U. I understand Unicore, who is now
    eSupport, wrote an aftermarket BIOS that will allow the use of an AMD CPU.
    I'd like to use a Powerleap adapter and a K6-II/III 400 CPU. I emailed
    eSupport but have not gotten back a response. Does anyone have this BIOS?

    mdp, Jul 24, 2004
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  2. mdp

    Ben Myers Guest

    Does PowerLeap have a BIOS modification? My (imperfect?) understanding of
    PowerLeap's K6-2/400 package was that it included a somewhat generic BIOS
    modification to support non-Intel processors.

    Unicore has never had a great track record for tech support, which makes one
    wonder how they even manage to sell BIOS upgrades. eSupport is a new name for
    the same old Unicore. The web site continues to be a mish-mash of
    not-too-useful information, in contrast to MicroFirmware (R.I.P.) who provided a
    wealth of technical info about its own products, pricing, and all manner of
    useful related stuff. Must be a message here. Good tech support does not pay
    over the long haul?

    As attractive as an AMD K6-2 upgrade may seem, especially of you already have
    most of the parts in hand, you might be better off swapping in a motherboard
    with fewer limitations, especially maximum memory capacity, which a BIOS upgrade
    cannot change. May I suggest replacing the board with a low-end Pentium III or
    fast Celeron ATX board, at minimum? Board, CPU and memory should run no more
    than $50 at today's prices. There are only two technical issues with a mobo
    replacement. First, you'd need an I/O shield with the replacement motherboard,
    and the shield needs to fit your gw2k case. Second, inevitably some adjustment
    of motherboard drivers would be necessary, because the replacement board would
    have a different chipset, and Windows gets VERY confused with different chipsets
    unless (and even if) one take precautions when doing the replacement. Or reload
    Windows from scratch. Unless you are running Linux, which handles chipset
    changes very nicely and almost automatically... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jul 24, 2004
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  3. mdp

    mdp Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I acquired the GW board free and I have a couple PL
    adapters w/K6 laying around. Just looking to get it fast enough to give
    away. It's quite crippled the way it is (Intel 200MMX max) compared to what
    you can pay for now (as you point out).

    I'm not aware of PL supplying a BIOS upgrade. I'll have to look into that.

    mdp, Jul 25, 2004
  4. They don't supply BIOS updates. You'd either have to buy one from Unicore's
    successor, or see if someone is selling a system with the Microfirmware
    BIOS on it - an entire system such as this isn't worth more than about
    $20-30, so you'd wind up with spare parts in the bargain.
    Edward J. Neth, Jul 25, 2004
  5. mdp

    mdp Guest

    eSupport finally called me back. I spent the $50. New BIOS works like a
    charm, now an Award, was an AMI. I now have a K6-III 400MHz in there plus
    it'll detect up to 138GB drives. Tested almost 3 times faster than the
    233MMX, likely due to the on-die L2 cache of the K6-III. Was it worth it?
    It was for me.
    mdp, Jul 28, 2004
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