Need copy of Dell branded MCE2005 disc.. Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by allegro, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. allegro

    allegro Guest


    I posted this question before, but a few weeks ago, i still hoped Dell would
    help me out in the end.

    As posted before, ordered a Dimension 8400 with MCE2005 in October. It
    worked great, however after a few months i decided i would do a fresh
    install to get rid of all the Dell stuff.
    Then i found out, about 40% of the Dutch Dell version of MCE2005 was
    I tried cleaning the disc, recovering the data with isobuster, other data
    recovery tools and even 2 computer shops tried to help me out. In the end,
    it was impossible to get a working disc.
    I tried the dvd-rom reader of my own 2 machines, and the systems they had in
    those shops..

    I've called and emailed Dell for a replacement disc for about 8 weeks or
    more, but they refused to send me one. They didn't really explained why,
    until monday about 2 weeks ago.
    Dell claims i had to send the software back within 30 days after the systems
    arrival, however it was working fine then..
    One of the reasons that i did a fresh install, was because i bought a new tv
    tuner (Hauppauge PVR500 MCE)
    They also told me, they dropped MCE2005 from the site (which i verified),
    because only a few people in Holland ordered it.

    So, it's impossible to get any support from Dell, i guess.. (It sucks,
    because i paid for it)

    That's the reason i tried posting on this group and the Dell forums, the
    largest Dell userbases i could think of..

    If there's any chance finding a Dell owner with a Dell branded copy of
    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, i guess it's here..

    So, since Dell isn't helping, i'm still hoping a Dell MCE2005 owner is
    willing to help..

    What i need is a copy of the Dell branded version of MCE2005 to get my Dell
    key and licence working.. (At the moment, i don't care if it's Dutch,
    English or another language)
    Microsoft Support told me a few weeks ago, that if i have original disc,
    cdkey and licence, i can use any Dell branded MCE2005 copy.. Doesn't matter
    if it's original, a copy or a downloaded version.

    I'm willing to pay a small fee to anyone, who could help me out uploading
    the disc (i need the Dell copy) to my XDrive account, a newsgroup or
    I could also download it from an FTP server, if that's what you prefer.

    My best option would be a full disc, so i can recreate the directory
    structure, cdlabel, etc of the Dell disc..
    But, i could work with about 13mb of needed files from the Dell MCE2005 disc
    as well. (Since chances are small to obtain a Dutch copy)
    I can use those files to change a regular OEM copy, to a Dell version that
    doesn't need activation or a key.

    So, i really hope someone could upload a copy of the dvd or those needed
    files i specified below.



    To upload the full disc or the 12mb of needed files -specified below- (and
    maybe the content i'm missing), i can get it from FTP, or you can use any
    binaries newsgroup or my
    XDrive account:
    Pass: upload

    I can pay you a small fee with Paypal, or if someone makes a copy and sends
    by regular mail, i can mail cash to you.

    P.S: You can always just email me if you don't want to reply in this group.
    P.S2: My copy of the Dell MCE disc (Dutch) (now it's even more
    defective, tried to polish it..)

    The files i need from the Dell labeled MCE2005 cd:

    -------- The needed files ---------
    In folder \I386:

    In folder I386\WIN9XUPG:

    Then you could archive it with Winzip or WinRar.

    You could create a batchfile that copies the needed files, from in my case
    the G: drive (cd-rom) to the folder C:\XPbios.

    Copy and paste this to a new txtfile (notepad) :

    MKDIR C:\XPbios
    COPY G:\I386\DPCDLL.DL_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\EULA.TXT "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\NT5INF.CA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.BI_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.CA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.DA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.SI_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\PIDGEN.DLL "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\SETUPP.INI "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\SETUPREG.HIV "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\UNATTEND.TXT "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\WINNT.SIF "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V

    Save as for instance XPbios.bat -you may have to edit location of cd and
    folder-, then save it and double cick it..

    On C:\ there is a new folder created called XPbios with the needed files,
    you can now use WinZip or WinRar and upload it to
    allegro, Mar 28, 2005
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  2. I thought you promised to stop posting this. I hate to say it, but I
    don't think that anybody with this cd is going to send you the files.
    Personally I don't know anybody even running MCE.
    Patrick L. Parks, Apr 1, 2005
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  3. allegro

    David Guest

    You have spent more effort begging for this software than
    it would have been to just buy it. Please
    stop posting this. If someone were going to
    help you (and i WOULD...i just dont have this version of windows)
    they would have done it by now.
    David, Apr 1, 2005
  4. allegro

    gg Guest

    In point of fact, I do NOT believe that Dell will sell another copy.
    This is because Dell pays so little for the license and the specifics
    of the agreement with MS.
    The retail CD of MCE one could buy would not be the same.
    It would NOT have the recovery / restore info.
    In addition the retail version will require activation.
    This would not be a major issue until the day MS stops
    support/activation of this version. This will never happen with the
    Dell version of MCE or other WinXp.
    This issue of stopping support of an OS is something that people seem
    to be ignoring. It is insignificant with versions of windows that do
    not require activation. But with activation only versions it will not
    be possible to relagate this CD / license to a secondary computer.
    gg, Apr 1, 2005
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