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need cos developer and application programmers

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by gold4639, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. gold4639

    gold4639 Guest

    Looking for an experienced COS developer for 8 bit 8051 microcontroller
    based dual interface smart chip.

    Has to be competant in development tools based on Keil C Compliler 51 M
    any of the developement plaforms below

    http://www.ashling.com/datasheets/DS211-PKSCP8RF5000.html or


    you might take a look at


    They have an 8 bit solution OS that can be oorted to the 8051 controller,
    but memory management has to be implimented in the OS.

    Also looking at Emosyn: http://www.emosyn.com/dspPage.asp?pagid=28

    Looks like they have tools to build an operating system for their chips.

    Any other 8 bit OS or OS writer for an 8 bit microcontroller are welcome.

    For a highly qualified individual I would consider partner in my LLC.

    Project involves:

    1.COS development

    2.payment processing server for desktop of financial institute

    3.Building of secure personilisation server for the smart chip

    4. Looking to bring the java vm to the chip

    No talks will happen without an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and
    of government ID ex: Passport and drivers license.

    I can be reached at OneCardConnect LLC. 514-937-1778 Eric Wilhem
    gold4639, Mar 9, 2006
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