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Need CPU-temperature monitoring software that runs in DOS/at boot

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Guest, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Does anyone know of a cpu-temperature monitoring program
    that runs under DOS, or is part of a boot-time suite of
    apps? I want to monitor cpu temperature on a system with no OS

    I would use the available Linux utilities to do this,
    but my Slackware boot disk doesn't have a kernel with the
    appropriate kernel mods required to do this, and I'm
    trying to avoid having to create a custom kernel and
    boot CD just for this purpose, if I can.

    - Tim

    Guest, Sep 20, 2004
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  2. Guest

    Bob Bailin Guest

    You're unlikely to find any DOS-based temp monitoring
    programs, because of the lack of motherboard-specific
    drivers under DOS.

    There's a very good chance that your motherboard's BIOS setup
    has a temp/voltage monitoring page that you can use instead.

    Bob Bailin, Sep 20, 2004
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  3. [...]

    Might be pretty rare these days. You can go to your mobo makers web page
    and have a look.

    The 2nd idea is to make up a boot disk specifically for the purpose.

    Or you might be able to mix up something from available stuff.

    E.g. for OpenBSD you can make a boot floppy by copying an
    "fs" image off the web.

    If the "sysctl" util is actually bunded up in that (I haven't checked)
    you'd then get your sensor data -- provided the thing has them built in --
    you could boot single user and then

    sysctl hw

    IMHO, one of the better sensors implementations. Unlike Linux -- no
    fiddling around with little formulae in a config file to get the
    temps into the same ranges as the BIOS says. ;-)

    If there's no better answer, I'll get back to you after some checking.
    russell kym horsell, Sep 21, 2004
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That would've been my idea with making a Linux disk, although I'd
    have to download the kernel patch and drivers for that.
    I shall take a look into it. I installed FreeBSD (in the guise of
    NetBSD) on my ancient Powerbook 180 many years ago, in an attempt to
    add a little life to that venerable machine, so I'm familiar with
    the FreeBSD world. I'll give it a try! Thanks much!

    - Tim

    Guest, Sep 21, 2004
  5. Guest

    Neil Bradley Guest

    The biggest problem is this - the way that one gets at that information is
    motherboard specific. There is no generic, published way to get CPU
    temperature (except maybe via IPMI if that motherboard supports it - most
    deskstop boards don't have IPMI).

    Neil Bradley, Sep 21, 2004
  6. [... guff ...]

    I've put a boot image that has temp sensors in it at


    Copy it bitwise to a 1.44 MB floppy, boot the machine, then do

    boot> RETURN
    Update (U), Shell (S)? S RETURN
    # sysctl hw

    When it doubt pull out the floppy and reboot machine.
    Good luck, and don't operate while drunk.
    russell kym horsell, Sep 22, 2004
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Very kind of you to prepare a boot floppy for me!
    Sadly, sysctl didn't do the trick... no temperature params
    were evident in it's output. *sigh*

    I'll just live with never knowing the current state of the cpu temperature,
    and hope that no damage had been done up to now, and be satisfied with how
    it works when I reapply the thermal grease tomorrow.

    You'd think Intel or IBM would provide a good utility to do this.
    IBM provides PC Doctor for DOS, but I can't find it to download any
    more on their web site.

    - Tim

    Guest, Sep 22, 2004
  8. Guest

    Louie Guest

    Have you tryed Google (www.google.com)?

    Can't remember which laptop you have, but try here:


    Louie, Sep 22, 2004
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd looked on the IBM support site for my model, but they stop showing
    updates after a certain date. However, searching their support site
    with their own search tool found the utility. I downloaded it, made the
    floppies, and booted from them. Now temperature monitoring function,
    tho', sadly.

    - Tim

    Guest, Sep 22, 2004
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