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need help finding battery for A31

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Chip Orange, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Chip Orange

    Chip Orange Guest

    Can anyone help me find a source for a battery for an A31? IBM says that
    since it is a discontinued model, they want almost $300 for one. I've had
    terrible luck buying from some e-tailers who all have sold me batteries
    which list their manufacturer as only "PS", and which fail in a matter of

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Chip Orange, Feb 4, 2005
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  2. Chip Orange

    Phil Caine Guest

    I bought one for my A30/p last month for $98.74 which included tax, S&H from
    Kahlon, Inc in California. Check them out at www.kahlon.com. When I
    checked their reputation out in newsgroups there were a number of poor
    comments. But I got mine in about ten days. It appears to be a Panasonic
    and works just fine.

    Phil Caine, Feb 4, 2005
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  3. Chip Orange

    Larry Starr Guest

    Try eBay...time and again, IBM or "good" clones sell for less than $75,
    sometimes as little as $35. (dumbluck factor)
    Larry Starr, Feb 4, 2005
  4. Chip Orange

    Chip Orange Guest

    Thanks Phil.

    Does the IBM battery health utility show the manufacturer as "PS" and the
    design capacity as 38Wh?

    If so, that sounds like the same 3 batteries I've had fail on me in the past
    few months.

    What does yours show as its cycle count and its current capacity (as opposed
    to the design capacity). It has seemed to me that I would lose about 2 Wh
    each cycle in current capacity. Not many cycles that way!! :(


    Chip Orange, Feb 5, 2005
  5. Chip Orange

    Chip Orange Guest

    Thanks for the idea, but how would you know a "good" clone from a bad one?
    The times I've checked I've never come across a IBM brand battery that was


    Chip Orange, Feb 5, 2005
  6. Chip Orange

    Phil Caine Guest

    Manufacturer Name = PS, Full Charge Capacity 38.96 Wh, Cycle Count 2,
    Remaining capacity 38.80 Wh., Manufacture Date 2004-12-08

    So, I am in trouble, huh?
    Phil Caine, Feb 5, 2005
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