Need help: how much would you pay for "used, inspected, warranty-less" Imac?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by AKT, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. AKT

    AKT Guest

    Bottom line question: I have the option of buying a 20" 2.16GH
    white-border Imac---used, refurbished and inspected by CompUSA's techs,
    but no warranty, not eligible for Apple Care, and no free Leopard---for
    $730. I must decide soon.

    Is this a good deal, or would you cut your losses and walk away?

    For reference, when Apple has these refurbs available they sell for
    1100, with warranty and leopard, and eligible for Apple Care.

    Now some background on this unusual situation:

    1. They advertised a 20" 2.16GH white-border Imac for $900, in-store
    sales only. I expected an open box, B-stock type situation, with
    warranty. After verifying availability I drove there and they couldn't
    locate the machines. Turned out 2 were in shop for "repair". The
    manager offered to ship one when ready, throwing in Apple Care for
    free, bringing down my effective price for Imac itself to $730. I
    placed and paid for the order.

    2. A couple weeks later, no computer, CompUSA is in liquidation with
    new owners, and the manager I talked to doesn't work there any more.

    3. The new manager looked into it and says the new owners (Gordon
    something) will honor the $730 price BUT the old manager made a mistake
    that they can't help : the machine is used (originally registered more
    than a year ago) so no warranty and doesn't qualify for Apple Care. No
    free Leopard either. Their techs have restored it, inspected that
    everything is fine, but it can only be sold "AS IS".

    Which brings me to my question I asked in the beginning: Is this a good
    deal or not? (Incredibly, if I turn down the deal, CompUSA's new owners
    will probably try to liquidate it at even higher price.)

    AKT, Dec 12, 2007
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  2. AKT

    AKT Guest

    I already posted this another thread but wanted to thank you for
    helping me think clearly. To summarize the resolution: I went to
    CompUSA today, cancelled the order and got my refund.

    The staff were nice and, quite sincerely it seems, said 730 was a very
    good price for a refurb even without warranty and I should consider it.
    I said it would be better match for someone able to deal with repairs
    himself which I am not. Without free Leopard, the effective price is
    more like $850 anyway and that is within $200 of Apple's refurb prices,
    and those include 1 year warranty + are eligible for Apple Care.

    Although I met some good helpful individuals, I can see from various
    goofs that CompUSA was not a well-run store: They didn't know their
    stock and more than one employee confirmed availability when there was
    none. To make up for that, they promised Apple Care on a machine that
    was not eligible. Didn't contact me about my paid-for order until I
    called, etc. For all this trouble, when I asked if they could offer
    some extra discount on a new AppleCare-eligible imac, nobody there
    seemed to have the authority.

    Anyway, thank you again!
    AKT, Dec 14, 2007
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