Need help, K8V and Radeon 9600XT, does not see monitors...

Discussion in 'Asus' started by schuetzen - RKBA!, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. but not with the 9600XT

    I have a problem with my newly installed 9600XT installed in a K8VSE_dlx.
    the sucker is all plugged in but will not light up the monitor.

    Now, this is a completely new box, new drives, new s/w, etc...

    the K8V has 2 sticks of Mushkin 512gb PC3200
    2 SATA Seagate 120gb

    a Truepower 550W P/S

    and so on.

    the HDD are bare, new.
    I have a CD on the primary EIDE cable. and it lights up and runs constantly if I
    stick a CD in it.

    I have no idea what CD to stick in the drive to boot off of.
    should I stick a bootable floppy in the A drive??

    I have tried to start off with a 17" LCD or "flat screen" using the 15pin blue
    plugs into the 9600XT although the Radeon install shows that the 15pin is used
    only for CRT, that I should get some sort of converter to a DIV something...

    So I grabbed my Dell 900 CRT and plugged it in.

    still nothing.

    should I be booting with the Radeon CD or the Monitor driver CD or the HDD CD or
    maybe the M$ XP CD???

    I cannot figure out what the hell is going on. but there are NO PTOs on the
    Radeon 9600XT card, the install manual does say that there are such on the 95
    and 97.

    the 1.5V for the AGP 8X is supposed to be created from the mobo.

    too frustrated to see straight

    please help
    The new Canon DSLR elist. no trolls, etc

    schuetzen - RKBA!, Aug 12, 2004
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  2. thanks for the help people,
    I have tried booting off a Windows Install CD and have tried using the ASUS mobo
    CD. still nothing.

    I am going to assume the AGP is not working OR the Radeon is bad.
    will go to the parts store tomorrow and try to talk them out of a salvaged PCI
    graphics board and try that.
    the bios should have the drivers to crank up a CRT or a LCD monitor.

    have tried reseating the AGB board with no joy.

    going to quit.

    will appreciate any suggestions.
    IF I can get something working, I may just send this ATI back to NEWEGG and buy
    an NVIDIA instead.

    The new Canon DSLR elist. no trolls, etc

    schuetzen - RKBA!, Aug 12, 2004
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  3. schuetzen - RKBA!

    Paul Guest

    You've glossed over a few details. For example, if you cannot
    see the BIOS screen at all, it is highly unlikely that jamming
    a WinXP CD in the drive is going to do anything. Can you see
    the BIOS screen ?

    You will undoubtedly have replaced your video card by the time
    you read this, but I'll make suggestions anyway:

    Here are some typical scenarios:

    1) Stuff all components. Flip switch on back of computer to "ON".
    Result - Green LED on motherboard lights. This tells us +5VSB,
    which is essential to the startup process, is available. If
    the green motherboard LED won't light, check that PSU.
    2a) Push the power button on the front of the case. Nothing happens.
    "No fans spin". That tells us the PS_ON# signal from the
    motherboard to the PSU isn't happening. It could be bad
    PSU, the AGP warn circuit has detected an illegal card, or
    the case power switch is bad (it happens occasionally).
    2b) Push the power button. Nothing happens, but the fans are
    spinning. This means the motherboard likes the AGP card,
    PS_ON# works, +5VSB is OK, but the CPU isn't POSTing or
    the video card is kaput. If enough of the motherboard works,
    that it emits beeps, the beep code may indicate the duff
    component. If you have Voice POST, listen to the voice
    messages coming out on the Lineout connector.

    Note: For Athlon64 boards and P4 boards, they have a 2x2
    ATX12V connector. Without this connector installed, you will
    get the symptoms you are experiencing. I think you are in
    state 2b.
    2c) Push the power button. You get a single beep. But no video
    appears. You see attempted access to CD drive, flicker of
    HD etc, indicating the motherboard thinks it has a working
    video card, when it does not. Check the video card has its
    Aux power cable, if one is provided. Otherwise, RMA video
    3) Push the power button. The BIOS appears. Now we can check
    the IDE section and see if drives are detected. Pay attention
    to any errors or warnings printed on the screen. Use the
    Pause key to stop the text, to be able to read it. Press whatever
    key is used to enter the BIOS setup, and stop automatic boot.
    Set the clock to the current time/date. If the battery is good,
    the time might already be close to being correct. Leave everything
    set to defaults, if you don't understand what the settings do.
    From the Exit menu, save and exit. After the machine resets and
    the BIOS comes up again, you can switch off (not while it is
    saving any settings from the Save and Exit!).
    4) If you are a methodical person, the next test is to get a
    copy of memtest86 from The program contains a
    floppy disk formatter, and will format a blank floppy for you.
    A single file is placed on the floppy, and there is no file
    system. You have to enter the BIOS and set up the boot order
    so that the floppy drive comes first. Boot with the memtest86
    disk. Run at least a couple passes of memtest86 and verify it
    is error free, before thinking about booting a hard drive or
    inserting an install CD. If errors are detected, adjust memory
    timing or examine voltages in BIOS Hardware Monitor page, for
    clues as to what is wrong.
    5) Now, you are ready to install. At this point, you have examined
    your BIOS, and hardware is detected, and the BIOS behaves in
    a sane manner. By running memtest, you know the CPU and memory
    can run error free for a period of time. Based on this, you
    can attempt an install. If it doesn't work, then your problems
    could be disk drive related, bad install CD, dirty CD drive etc.

    Since in a previous post, you were describing the use of an Antec
    550W EPS supply, I have a feeling it isn't cabled correctly for
    your board. I cannot verify this, because Antec doesn't have the
    proper documentation for the 550W EPS on their web site - instead
    they present the vanilla 550W info, which doesn't tell me whether
    your PSU has 24pin main connector + 8 pin ATX12V, or whether it
    has adapters included for use with an ATX system.

    If you have a desktop ATX supply (that is "P4 ready"), it will
    have the normal 20 pin ATX power connector (with one 12V pin and
    that is what makes the fans plugged into the motherboard spin),
    plus it will have the 2x2 ATX12V power plug. That plug powers
    only the processor power converter - if the plug is missing, the
    processor cannot possibly start.

    So, post back carefully what progress you've made, as it sounds
    like you are trying to skip a few steps :)

    Paul, Aug 12, 2004
  4. schuetzen - RKBA!

    Rick Towler Guest

    schuetzen - RKBA! wrote:

    I am assuming that this system has never worked. Never posted.

    Do you have the speaker plugged in? (can't remember if the K8V has a
    built in speaker). Trouble codes will be played thru the speaker if
    anything comes up in the post before the graphics card is activated.

    Strip the system to the bare minimum. Proc, one stick of RAM, and vid
    card. Any luck? Swap that stick of RAM and try again.

    Forget about CD's and booting. You just need to get the system to post.
    Once that happens, then you can attach your other devices, get into
    the BIOS and configure to your liking, and boot off of your XP cd and
    start installing the OS.

    Rick Towler, Aug 12, 2004
  5. that is the sum total of my visit to CompUSA and MicroCenter.
    I bought an Nvidia PCI card (64bit) and was told to get the mobo off the metal
    case to see if it might be shorting it. then to pull the video card and see if
    I can get a Beep! so far, no.

    anyway, lots of things to try
    I do know that electricity is going to the AGP as the fan is running on the
    card's CPU and virtually everything is showing signs of life except for it not
    posting and nothing going to the monitors.

    ok, off to spend another few hours playing...

    The new Canon DSLR elist. no trolls, etc

    schuetzen - RKBA!, Aug 12, 2004
  6. schuetzen - RKBA!

    RayO Guest

    First double-check whether all the cables are
    plugged in okay into the mb. Are you sure
    you've plugged in all the necessary power cables?
    If so, then try reseating the CPU a few times.

    RayO, Aug 15, 2004
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