need help loading XP on new SATA harddrive

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by tlf, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. tlf


    Oct 29, 2008
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    hi folks.
    just put in new SATA harddrive and i'm trying to install XP in my desktop pc.

    in the CMOS/BIOS screens, it DOES reognize the new HD. but earlier after loading files it would get stuck on the "setup is starting windows" screen....
    googling around several people said to disable the Plug'n'Play in the BIOS, but in the PnP/PCI screen, there's some PCI stuff but i cant find where to disable the PnP.
    under Integrated Peripherals, i've tried the "on-chip SATA mode on didsabled, combined, and enhanced (i'm about to try non-combined).
    i cant seem to find much in the way of any other SATA modes or options. i dont know if matters which of the four yellow quadrants on the motherboard-sata plugin to use. i've tried two of them so far.

    so i kept searching and i did find an explanation of my problem: i cant post the link, but niether of his solutions seem to work cuz my bios screens/menus dont have what his screen shot is showing, and DL'ing something to floppy wont work since i dont have floppy on this laptop that i'm using to search the web.

    i'm sure i'm forgetting something.... it's been a long blurry day of trying and retrying stuff. i feel like i'm so close but yet so far.

    i'd say i'm pretty much a newbie and not a real techie. but with all this trial and error and trying to work thru it with my buddy who knows his stuff, i'm not a complete hopeless noob like lets say my mom would be.

    so thanks in advance for any tips you can offer!
    tlf, Oct 29, 2008
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