Need help! No classic OR OS 9, need old TCP info

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ann Onymous, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Ann Onymous

    Ann Onymous Guest

    Yikes! I encouraged my sister to buy Panther, and now that she's
    installed it, she discovered that she can't run Classic because her old
    system is 9.0.x.

    But wait...the plot thickens.

    For some reason, she can't boot in 9 anymore. When she tries, she gets
    the small "smiley face" toaster icon, and no progress beyond that (even
    after 5+ minutes). Tried zapping the PRAM, to no avail.

    Her dialup (yes, dialup) settings are trapped somewhere in OS 9, and she
    can't get to her old CPs via X, so she can't connect to download the
    upgrades to 9.2.2.

    What to do? Is it possible to retrieve the old dialup info? Will an OS X
    assistant transfer the old settings? What's the endless smiley face
    about? I don't remember ever getting stuck there in my 15 years of using

    Ann Onymous, Jul 14, 2004
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  2. If your sister reformatted the drive before installing Panther, then
    her OS 9 system folder is gone and cannot be retrieved. She was given
    her TCP info by her ISP in the first place and should contact them to
    get the info she needs.

    If she reformatted and wants to reinstall OS 9, she will hav to install
    the OS 9 drivers (from the Panther install disks).

    If she can see her old OS 9 system folder on the disk, then she didn't
    reformat. What has she tried? What does she see as her choices in the
    Startup System Preference?

    Cathy Stevenson, Jul 14, 2004
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  3. Ann Onymous

    Ann Onymous Guest

    She didn't reformat; the OS X Startup pref panel offers 10.3, 9.0, or
    Network. She can successfully boot into X, but hangs on attempting to
    boot into 9.

    What causes OS 9 to hang at the happy face? I recall the question mark
    or the black X in years past, but not the face.

    I realize that the advice to contact the ISP is generally the best
    thing, but there are extenuating circumstances here; her access is
    through her soon-to-be-ex's work, and he had told them to kill the
    account. If she calls their IT dept, it'll raise a red flag, and she'll
    certainly lose the account.

    I'm advising her to switch to broadband anyway, but it'd be nice to get
    this problem solved in the meantime, if that's possible.
    Ann Onymous, Jul 15, 2004
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