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need help on how to record programs using my ATI TV Wonder VE remote control edition TV tuner

Discussion in 'ATI' started by S. Tonekham, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. S. Tonekham

    S. Tonekham Guest

    Hi people.

    I have an ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition TV Tuner. Along with that,
    I have a computer with the follwing specifications:
    - Intel P4 at 1.4GHz
    - Intel D850GB Motherboard
    - 256MB RDRAM
    - 30GB Hard drive
    - LG 16X DVD-ROM (equiv. to 48X CD-ROM)
    - AOpen 48x write/12x re-write/50x read CD burner
    - Nvidia Riva TNT2 video card at 32MB
    - Intergrated SoundMAX sound
    - Intergrated Intel PRO 10/100VM networking connection
    - Windows XP Professional

    The software that came with my TV tuner was of course, the ATI Multimedia
    Centre, version 7.9. I've purchased the TV tuner since December 2003. It
    works great when watching TV on my computer, but I'm quite concerned about
    recording TV programs on my computer. I'm not sure whether it can skip TV
    commercials, just like a regular VCR can. I'm just wondering, I want to know
    how can I record programs and also, skip the commercials during my recording
    into my computer. Like for example, if I want to record an episode of
    Seinfeld, I want the entire program recorded, not the commercials that I
    have on my recorded file. Is there a way on how can I skip commercials using
    the MMC or do I need to get a special program in order to skip the
    commericals? The reason that I'm asking this is, I want to record my
    favourite TV shows and store it on a VCD or on a SVCD. I'm proposing to have
    a DVD burner on my system, but the proposal in the various planning stages.

    Anyway, can you offer me some advice to my question? If you can, please do
    not hesistate to do so. Thank you.
    S. Tonekham, Apr 4, 2004
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  2. You cannot get MMC to automatically skip the commercials while
    recording, but you may do so manually by pressing Pause whenever they
    are on.

    However, after you have recorded a video file (including commercials)
    you may edit it before burning it to VCD, SVCD og DVD. I use a program
    called TMPGEnc DVD Author for editing video for DVD's, and it works
    great. Try it out, the demo is fully working for 30 days:
    It looks like the program only works with DVD's, so you might need
    another program for editing video for VCD's.

    Best regards,
    Torben B. Sørensen, Apr 4, 2004
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  3. S. Tonekham

    S. Tonekham Guest

    Is it also necessary to do any screen shots (or screen captures) of my
    favourite TV show, while recording?
    S. Tonekham, Apr 4, 2004
  4. S. Tonekham

    S. Tonekham Guest

    I also want to know which format should I record my TV program on? Also, in
    order to manually skip the commercials, which format should I record my tv
    show on? I believe that ATI's VCR format is the only way to skip the TV
    commercials, but in my version of MMC (7.9), I could find where should I
    change the recording type for my TV tuner. I did not see that option on the
    "Digital VCR" section of my TV Player setup section of the MMC program. The
    only way that I can setup the Digital VCR format is thru the ATI Scheduler,
    but I have to setup a timer to record the program and I have to be present,
    for skipping the commercials. Is it necessary to upgrade my MMC program to
    the latest version or do I need to find a way on how to get this to appear?
    S. Tonekham, Apr 4, 2004
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