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Need help overclocking my gpu

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by PcGAmeR22, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    Hello folks
    I am using a gtx 460 1gb v2 video card , default clocks are
    Core Clock Speed 867MHz
    RAMDAC Clock Speed 400MHz
    Shader Clock 1734MHz
    Memory Clock 2025 MHz
    core voltage , msi after burner says 1000 mV
    i am trying to achieve 980 or 1ghz for core clock if possible but
    friend told me i need to change the core voltages to achieve that cloc

    how much should i pick up the voltag
    PcGAmeR22, Sep 23, 2012
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  2. PcGAmeR22

    Paul Guest

    900MHz @ 1.050 volts
    900MHz # 1.037 volts


    According to this, if you push it too far, the VRM declares
    a problem, and the clock falls back for protection. So getting
    to 1GHz might be tough to do. 900MHz looks easier. And according
    to this, not all the cards have adjustable GPU VID voltage.


    Paul, Sep 24, 2012
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  3. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    so i need to push my volts up to 1050 volts ? and i can call it a da
    and overclock to 900 mhz without crashing in some game
    PcGAmeR22, Sep 26, 2012
  4. PcGAmeR22

    Paul Guest

    You don't usually attack overclocking that way.

    If the voltage is 1.000 now, you'd try bumping the frequency, to see
    how far it will go with 1.000V.

    Then, bump the control by the next voltage step. Repeat the tests
    varying the frequency, until you get instability.

    You proceed in small steps, to avoid big crashes. And by
    doing it in small steps, you can make a graph on a piece
    of paper. Making the graph, is to spot trends. For example,
    if increasing the voltage, does not result in more frequency
    range, then you've hit a "wall". And upon seeing that, there
    is no point in trying to overclock further. You can then
    turn the voltage down, to the point that the wall becomes
    evident, and conclude that no further overclocking is worthwhile.

    Looking at the graph, you can also extrapolate, and figure out
    how much voltage it will take to get to a given frequency. The slope
    of the graph, tells you where the card is headed.

    You can see the slope of the line, in the plot here for a card. I
    can predict using this graph, that I need 1.19V to reach 1120MHz.
    That's an extrapolation.


    ( http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NVIDIA/GeForce_GTX_680/30.html )

    And when you're finished, you don't leave the settings "on the
    edge of stability". You crank down the frequency a bit, so the
    card will always be stable in the games you play. If you're playing
    against other players on the Internet, it wouldn't be very convenient
    if your video card crashed every five minutes and the game had
    to be started up again. You want settings that you can actually
    use for something.

    Paul, Sep 26, 2012
  5. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    sounds very difficult ... i never knew overclocking was so har
    PcGAmeR22, Sep 27, 2012
  6. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    PcGAmeR22, Sep 29, 2012
  7. PcGAmeR22

    Paul Guest

    You got more than 900, so you're doing pretty good.

    Time to test it on some real games, to make sure it's stable.

    Paul, Sep 30, 2012
  8. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    I pulled the voltage up to 1035v , pulled the core clock up to 990 mh
    without touching the memory , i played assassins creed for only
    minutes and the game froze and crashed
    any suggestions ? the temps are around 50c when that happens , so th
    temps are oka
    should i pick up the voltag
    PcGAmeR22, Oct 1, 2012
  9. PcGAmeR22

    Paul Guest

    You can increase the voltage, until the voltage regulator on
    the video card detects an overload, and the clock is automatically reduced.

    The thing is, OK, it's not very hot right now. Say you increase the
    voltage, and Assassins Creed is stable. But then, you try another
    title, and the video card gets really hot. At some point, there
    is always going to be an overclock, that just isn't good enough
    to keep, and you have to reduce the clock a bit.

    Paul, Oct 1, 2012
  10. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    Is 1060v enough for those clocks " 960/2060 memory , i know i may b
    going extreme but i overclocked to 940core/2040memory with 1025v and ra
    bf3 on ultra on the between rock and hard mission "where the game take
    most of the hardware " and it seems pretty stable , the game crashe
    after 30 minutes due to low virtual memory , im pretty sure it wasnt
    gpu crash , i have 8 gigs of ram but i can only use 3.5 , and wit
    google chrome and skype on the background such crashings are expecte
    oh p.s i noticed sometimes oc doesnt really do anything to my fps , i
    that possibly due to improper voltage
    PcGAmeR22, Oct 2, 2012
  11. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    I oced to 1037v 960 core and stock memory , ran bf3 on ultra 1080 fo
    about an hour
    it seems stable , never went above 64c , is this fine ? will it reduc
    life spa
    PcGAmeR22, Oct 3, 2012
  12. PcGAmeR22

    Paul Guest

    As long as that temperature reading is accurate, I don't see
    what you're doing hurting anything. That's a good temp.

    If the card was crashing out, doing VPU recoveries or whatever
    (screen goes black for a second), I would back off on the overclock.

    You want your setup to work well enough, that if you're playing
    over the Internet, your machine isn't crashing when playing in teams.

    Paul, Oct 3, 2012
  13. PcGAmeR22

    PcGAmeR22 Guest

    I will test those clocks on other games like crysis 2 with dx11 on fo
    an hour
    if i detect the same 65-64 c max load is it fine to leave the card o
    those clocks ? and is 1ghz achievable on the same voltage right now , i
    sure 40 mhz will not cause the card to go above 75c which is a borde
    line , my card atm already outperforms the original gtx 460 with the 25
    bit memory , i tested my card on the same clocks of the original one
    both on 960mhz using 3dmark11 and the 460 v2 " the one that i have got
    higher score , 4350 to 3890 :
    PcGAmeR22, Oct 3, 2012
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