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    Dec 2, 2006
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    Hello I need help, buy a PC assembled by hand with (without mark) a motherboard Tiger MPX S2466

    At the moment my PC has:

    2 microprocessors MDN ATHLON MP2000+ 1 GHZ
    2 memory cards APACER 512 MB (each one) ECC PC2100 CL2 p/n 77.10709.540 s/n 1202265-20027
    1 Power suply ATX of 400 wats Sun Power Mod. ATX 200-3000E Pentium IV
    a) Has 2 cables ATX, ATX12v atached to the mother board
    b) Has 2 cables Drive power. One conected to the mother board (this it is direct and it is not connected to some other device) and the other one supplies to the storage devices (Hard Disk, Floppy, CDROM, CDRWROM).

    Voltaje Wire Color A (min) A (max)
    +.3.3v Orange 0A 20A
    +5v Red 1.0A 30A
    +12v Yellow 0.5A 10A
    -5v White 0A 0.5A
    -12v Blue 0A 0.5A
    S. B+5v Violet 0A 1.3 A

    PS Power GND black PG Gray

    4 PCI cards (modem, sound, network, video)
    1 HArd disk IDE 80GB Seagate Barracuda
    1 cdrom Liteon
    1 cdrwrom LG
    1 flopppy LG
    1 Operative System Windows XP Pro SP2
    1 Kaperky Internet security 6.0 Antivirus

    I acquired this equipment to use it as server with Windows 2000 server but after some 10 hours he faded.

    Send it to guarantee with my supplier but the he told me that it didn't fail. Unfortunately that supplier no longer exists.

    Of beginning the PC had connected a card ULTRA SCSI 160 with a hard disk SCSI Seagate Chita 80GB but this broke down (I noticed as their cable of data warmed too much).

    Then, the power suply ATX of 250 watts broke down and I put him one for PIV of 400 watts, I also replaced the hard disk SCSI with an IDE and I removed the card ULTRA SCSI 160.

    There are serious problems of temperature, the fans of the microprocessors warm too much to the point of burning, I have already replaced them for some more potent ones and it has worked regularly well.

    I also put it 4 fans of 12v 2.6 watts.

    Additionally buy a cooler with fan for the hard disk.

    It follows even this way the excessive temperature, the fans of the microprocessors broke down (I already replaced them), it already takes 3 hard disks IDE that break down.

    Then it began to fail the video, it used a card AGP NVIDIA but I also had to change it for a PCI NVIDIA because it began to fail. sometimes began the system and there was not video sign.

    The problem is even worse, because I wanted to upgrade the BIOS and I put it the 4.01 that now know (because I could read it on your web page) it belongs to S2466m-M or something like that. The thing is that it doesn't it.

    Wthat I can make to reestablish the newest and appropriate version of BIOS for this mother board?

    At the moment frequently it freezes me and it closes the system with the blue screen and he says: "BAD_POOL_HEADER" or some other things and he mentions that maybe it is an electrical problem, also, it is extremely slow.

    Also frequently, when sending these blue screens continually it is necessary to reinstall windows, but it always sends an error in the "device of sond, video and games" in the "standart game port", I don't use joysticks or something like that, also says that there are not enough resources to use it.

    Some advice on what can i do, as I can repair it?

    Some email, where to be able to be in contact but directly, since I do also have some ideas that I would like to ask, to this aspect?, perhaps to be able to chat in MSN?

    I am a programming technical, maybe it can fix it from here if you help me.

    Thanks in advance
    efrawalker, Dec 8, 2006
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